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Saints Player Takes Shot At Falcons

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He is right. lol

Now Smitty just needs to pin this article in all the Olines lockers and scream it to them every day.

I doubt they'd like it if I told them Drew Brees needed plastic surgery to remove that **** stain.

But its true lol

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There was some truth there though. Saints guy or not, the o line was a joke

That's what I said. It is universally understood we had one of the, if not the worst Oline in the NFL last year. Ryan might still be sore from eating so much dirt. Could very well have been the worst Oline in team history....ouch.

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Yup first thing I thought. Good ole locker room material. I like it.

The new guys last year didn't seem to understand the severity of our rivalry and were nonchalant about Ryan's late hit. Hopefully this will light a fire under some butts and teach them how deep this hatred goes. Get tough and play like it's your life on the line. Kick some Sainr azz and play like that all year.

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