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Will The Matt Ryan Being Elite Talk End This Season

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Exactly. Shut up.

Question has Biermann been pretty much a career back up here in his 5 years? The fact you consider him integral is hilarious. And it's also funny that you did not dispute that those " starters" are average. Again Falcons 1-4 with Julio. But then again the angle you're taking is one of a delusional individual so do what you have to do to cope with the fact that this team under this regime just isn't good. Good day, friend
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Guest King Jigsaw

What stock do I place in your opinions of mediocrity? Every position on this team could be upgraded. Ryan could be Brady, Julio could be Megatron, you could play that game all day. The point is those guys were (__1) on the depth chart for their respective positions for a reason: because they were better than they were better than the guys behind them. That means when they get injured, it weakens your team. And like it or not, Nolan loves Biermann and his versatility. This team under this regime is one of the three most winningest teams in the entire NFL. Every time you post you dig yourself further into the hole of unintelligence. Keep going, I'm enjoying this.

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if you are still having the is he or isn't he elite discussion going into a QB's 7th season I think you already have your answer.

As long as troll posters like Mr. wrong, and dogkiller are allowed to post here it will always be an issue.

Anyone that still has doubts about Ryan is either stupid, racist, a troll, or simply doesn't understand football.

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