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Will The Matt Ryan Being Elite Talk End This Season


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nice to hear . Russell Wilson and Flacco elite ?

Is Dilfer? No.

Winning a ring is a prerequisite for being elite, it is not the only requirement.

edit: I should add that there are exceptions the the ring rule. Marino, Kelly, etc. However Matt hasn't done what he needs to yet to get in that rare air.

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is dan marino elite?

I used to work with a guy, who was a huge Dolphins fan, all b/c of Marino. He actually followed him in college, and became a Dolphins fan, b/c they drafted him. After Marino retired, the guy just stayed a Dolphins fan, since he had been rooting for them all that time. Anyway, He used to hate the phrase: "The best QB to never win a Superbowl" always argued adamantly that Marino was unarguably, the greatest QB of all time.

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after losing opener to saints at home, losing 10 of 14 and finishing being swept by saints in NO?

You don't spell DOG as FROGKILLER. By the way, you do know just because your mom and dad were brother and sister doesn't give you the right to act like an inbred gimp. Someone in your family needs to break the cycle. Let it be you, special little friend

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