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Falcons Season Philosophies....

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Is it just me or is it EVERY season, they focus on one thing? This season "bigger and stronger. Win the line of scrimmage". Can't remember what it was last year, but the year before that was "be more explosive".

Why can't we just focus on being a complete team?

Not wanting to be to technical but would "bigger and stronger, win the line of scrimmage" not be 3 things? Sheesh I think they may be trying to do too much!

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Well I don't know what their off-season conditioning program was last year, but I was happy to hear Smitty talk about the team spending more time in the weight room this off-season. I thought it was pretty self-evident that football players need to lift weights, but his comment lends me to believe they got away from that fundamental building block last year.

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