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Marcus Smith, Louisville De - 2Nd Round?

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think you could trade down about 15-20 picks in 2nd round and still get Smith - he is at the bottom of the 2nd tier guys. I like him though - just not at #37. probably gone before pick #68 though.

You're right. Sort of a tweener. Trade back and pick up an extra 4th maybe? I want FS Terrence Brooks in the 3rd. That dude can cover some ground back there. Saw it with my own eyes at Doak Campbell. Came out of nowhere for an int.

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I have no problems whatsoever with him at 37.....

I don't understand folks who say stuff like 37 is too high but I'd take him 15-20 slots later.

There are only two questions that need to be answered when determing whether a guy is worth a certain pick. One in the affirmative and the other in the negative.

Do I feel is the best player at this position for us?

Will he be there when we make our next pick?

If the answer to the first is yes, and the answer to the second is no, then you have sufficient value in your pick.

For example- Sam Baker was the best tackle on our board when we moved up for him. He almost certainly wouldn't have made it to our next pick.

On the contrary, where Lamar Holmes was evidently the highest tackle on our board, its highly possible he would've made it to the 4th or even later......(And yes I know there were reports that Arizona or someone else may have taken him before then)

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I want attaochu or Demarcus Lawrence... but like smith later...


Someway or somehow, I really get the sense that if the Falcons go OT in the 1st round, our 2nd pick is going to be from left field...I think even if its pass rush, I could see TD going after a guy that most don't have pegged high, and we've seen how he can over draft guys...

It wouldn't shock me if they took Smith at #37...not saying I agree, I just wouldn't be surprised with such a move...

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