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Mock Drat V3.0

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I'll probably sit down and do one more before the draft, not that anyone cares about my mock draft schedule. I would do more, but I spend so much time thinking about them that I cannot afford to waste more company time.

I think the 1st 5 picks will go like this:

1. Houston Texans - Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina

2. St. Louis Rams - Sammy Watkins WR Clemson

3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Khalil Mack OLB/DE Buffalo

4. Cleveland Browns - Blake Bortles QB UCF

5. Oakland Raiders - Greg Robinson OT Auburn

Our draft:

6. Taylor Lewan - OT Michigan

My gut tells me this is the offensive lineman we will be targeting the whole time. Arthur Blank's theme this offseason is to get tougher/meaner. With Lewan we not only get technically better on the offensive line, we add a nasty streak. He's like the love child of Harvey Dahl and Tyson Clabo only more athletic. It's not just about attitude with this guy. He played very good against Clowney in the bowl game and Clowney was actually trying this time. And let's face it, Clowney is as good of an athlete that Lewan will face in the NFL and that was over a year ago.

Alternative - Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M

37. Jeremiah Attaochu - OLB/Pass Rusher Georgia Tech

I am a UGA homer and I fell in love with this kid this year. He has experience standing up and with his hand on the ground. He shows an unbelievable motor or "sense of urgency" as the Falcons have coined in the past. I think some media talking heads will call it a reach, but I don't think that it is. He is freakishly football strong. Watch him against some of the 325 lb offensive linemen he faced. He controls them with his hands and blows their ears off with his speed.

Alternative - Dee Ford Pass Rusher Auburn or Kyle Van Noy OLB BYU

68. C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa

One of my favorite players in this draft. Good blocker, good route runner. Doesn't have elite speed but makes up for it with his size and wing span. I understand him to be some what of a "meat head", but in a good way.

Alternative - Troy Niklas TE Notre Dame but not likely available in the 3rd

109. Terrance West RB Towson

I think it's obvious we are looking to add a very good RB in this draft to spell Steven Jackson for at least 10-12 carries a game. It would be nice to have SJAX really healthy during the playoffs. I know the board loves Antone Smith as a RB, and I do too actually, but I think the Falcons value him so much as a special teamer that they don't want him to get hurt running the ball. Terrance absolutely dominated lower level competition at Towson. He is compact and strong. He will be a tough hard runner between the tackles. Needs to protect the ball better.

139. Ed Reynolds FS Stanford

Father played in the NFL. He is a very intelligent player. He is the backup to Lowry in camp, but I wouldn't be surprised if he pushes him for playing time based on his ability to pick up the defense quickly.

147. Anthony Steen OG Alabama

He doesn't look impressive as an offensive lineman. I always thought he was a little "dumpy" looking. However, he was very effective at Alabama, opening holes for Eddie Lacy. He started 36 games for the Tide. He bench presses 500 pounds. Super strong dude that can knock a defensive lineman off balance with his initial punch. Right now he doesn't get to the second level very effectively. Needs some technique coaching, which he will get from Mike Tice.

182. J.C. Copeland FB LSU

I think everybody is putting him in at this spot in their mocks. He is a bit of a specialty player and kind of a luxury. With his size I don't know how good he will be on special teams. He should be an immediate help in short yardage situations, an area we struggled in last year.

220. Brock Coyle LB Montana

Deep sleeper but Dimitroff pulls these out of every draft. Tripp is the lineback most guys talk about from Montana but Brock actually led the team in tackles. Blue collar, tough, hard nosed player. 6'2" 245 lbs, helps.

253. Rajion Neal RB Tennessee

Local kid the Falcons have looked at. Would have a chance to make the team as a special teams player, good candidate for the PS.

255. Beau Allen DT Wisconsin

Big boy at 325 lbs. Has really good strength but not overly athletic. Size and blue collar attitude give the pick value but will need to develop better footwork and quickness to become a regular contributor on the defensive line. Likely a PS candidate in his 1st year.

Depth Chart (Don't take too literally)

Offensive Depth Chart:

QB: Matt Ryan / Veteran added before camp

RB: Steven Jackson / Terrance West / Jacquizz Rogers / Antone Smith / Rajion Neal

FB: J.C. Copeland

WR: Roddy White / Harry Douglas

WR: Julio Jones

TE: C.J. Fiedorowicz / Levine Toilolo

LT: Sam Baker / Ryan Schraeder / Lamar Holmes

LG: Justin Blalock / Anthony Steen

C: Peter Konz / Joe Hawley

RG: Joe Asamoah / Gabe Carimi

RT: Taylor Lewan / Lamar Holmes

Defensive Depth Chart: (Showing it as a 4-3, but you can see how it will work as a 3-4)

CB: Desmond Trufant / Javier Arenas

CB: Robert Alford / Robert McClain / Josh Wilson

SS: William Moore / Zeke Motta

FS: Dwight Lowery / Ed Reynolds

DE: Osi Umenyiora / Malliciah Goodman / Stansly Mopanga

NT: Paul Soliai / Corey Peters / Beau Allen

DT: Tyson Jackson / Jonathan Babineaux

DE: Jeremiah Attaochu / Kroy Biermann

MLB: Paul Worrilow / Brock Coyle

WLB: Sean Weatherspoon

SLB: Joplo Bartu

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I hope we get a free safety by the 3rd round. waiting til the bottom of the 4th doesn't sit well with me. At that point we're just hoping the guy will beat out the 7th rounders from last year for a spot on the roster to play special teams. I want a guy who has a legitimate chance of taking Lowery's spot as the starter by mid season

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Great Job and I would be ecstatic, however...I think Reynolds will be taken in the 3rd, but if you burn the 5th rounder to move up from 103, then I could see us being able to get him in the mid-late 3rd round. I would then take West at 139 (if available). If he is not, I could see Charles Sims there though (and wouldn't be upset at all with him).

The 7th rounders are all depth guys...just seeing who the Falcons have visited and worked out, it wouldn't surprise me if WR was taken in the 7th round...

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No qualms, but the same names are getting a lot of use in the mocks around here.

What's bad is when you submit a different mock, state that it's purposely different in order to create different thinking and still get told that it'd be better if we picked (insert name that's been mocked to us 100 times).

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I hope we get a free safety by the 3rd round. waiting til the bottom of the 4th doesn't sit well with me. At that point we're just hoping the guy will beat out the 7th rounders from last year for a spot on the roster to play special teams. I want a guy who has a legitimate chance of taking Lowery's spot as the starter by mid season

In this case, it is the same FS that a lot of people have been mocking in the third, though.

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