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Greg Robinson 2012 Tape


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Ive been looking for some 2012 tape on Greg Robinson for a while now. Thanks to "DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry" and his suggestions, I found some.

Lots of pass blocking. More traditional college spread offense. Watch if interested.

Im interested in hearing what y'all think. One of Robinsons biggest questions is pass blocking and his inexperience. I think this tape answers some of that.


start at the 5:30 mark here.

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The biggest chance is he goes to the Rams still. So if Houston goes QB, our odds increase.

If he's there at 4 and Matthews is gone, Im trying to swap with Cleveland just to be sure. That could be a recipe for disaster.

If we don't trade it could very well go :






Oh crap.

If we could move to 4 and keep our 2nd and 3rd Id do it in a heartbeat.

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I like Robinson and hope we can get him. But these videos drive home how little impact a tackle makes overall without good defense and quarterback play. Auburn flat sucked even with Robinson.

Plus, Robinson was at fault for multiple sacks in the Georgia game shown above.

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Honestly, I didn't see enough "traditional" pass protection from the O-Line as whole in the tape...Auburn's offense was very "gimicky"...

I also did not see much 1 v. 1 agst a pure edge rusher with no help for Robinson...I saw a few kick outs, but not many...

It seems like he really gets hold of guys if he starts to struggle some with a defender...holding is on every play in football, not sure what it will be like on an island agst an edge rusher at the next level.

I did like the play agst UGA where there was a hold on another player, but Robinson goes to ground on a block and then is right back up and trying to make a block in the second level...that was athletic!

I think he is a Top 10 talent, no doubt, does he still lack some in experience as a pass protector, YES, could he be great, YES, will he struggle, Probably at first...but if Baker is healthy, Robinson will not need to play LT and that will help him some...I think he is plug and play at RT for 2014, and if he progresses some, he is LT starter in 2015 (no worries). Plus a great run blocker to go next to Blalock or (2015 rookie, if Cap Casualty).

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Tell you what he looked really good against Georgia his slide step was great got him setup and once engaged with his opposite it was game over for him.

Also loved seeing him take 1 block then move onto another he has elite feet.After watching that I'd be really comfortable getting Greg Robinson & his so called under performed pass pro skills.

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He has the potential but he is sloppy with his form. He made a MASSIVE improvement from last season to this season. He didn't even look good run blocking in those vids. Just sloppy all around. I questioned if I was looking at the same player.

Yeah that was him, but to give him credit that was his first full year playing

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