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6. Atlanta Falcons: Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn

Protecting Matt Ryan is the team's priority after watching him get pummeled in the pocket a season ago.

37. Atlanta Falcons: Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

The Falcons released Asante Samuel in the offseason, so finding a quality nickel corner could be a priority despite drafting two young players a season ago. Verrett is arguably the top corner in the draft, but his size keeps him out of the 1st round.

With our top pick I think a lot of people want to go pass rusher whether that's trading up for Clowney, or Mack or someone else falling to us, but we all know the OL is terrible and needs talent badly.

In this mock the Rams take OT Matthews instead of Robinson which I don't know if is realistic but I don't think any of us would mind if it played out like that. Khalil Mack is still available at this point for our pick.

In the second round where we all would expect a pass rusher to come as the next most glaring need they have us drafting a corner, which would certainly be unusual but not impossible, as last years draft showed.

Apparently the corner we draft is a pretty good prospect as well and would give us 3 young playmaking corners to man up and unleash blitzers. We also have enough DTs now in Soliai, Jackson,Babineaux, Peters to throw some 5 man lines, 3-4 and 46 fronts to clog up running lanes and bog down running games.

Like I said it would be strange if it played out like this but I could see it. Your 3rd corner is on the field more often than your 3rd LB it seems.

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There's quite a bit of smoke coming from us in respect to Verrett at the moment. We bought him in for a visit and Smitty was quoted in stating the importance of the nickel back postion!

Buckys jumped on this

Pretty sure it won't happen! Not with the picks we currently hold anyway!

I also like the Josh Wilson signing solid vet good money

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Dear NFL.com,

We have signed Josh Wilson who was the 34th rated CB to a crew that includes the 4th rated CB and an up and coming speedster named Robert Alford.We also have a young guy who was slated to have a breakout season last year before Asante's injury changed his position. So we have 4 quality CB's.

Please try to keep up with the actual happenings in the NFL.

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If we take any OT with the first then we absolutely need a pass rusher in the 2nd. Our 3rd could be used on a safety of some sort

yeah, this is the way I see it going down:

1st: Offensive Tackle (Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan)

2nd: Pass Rusher (Dee Ford, Jeremiah Attaochu, Marcus Smith, Kyle Van Noy)

3rd: Free Safety (Jimmy Ward, Deone Buchanon, Ed Reynolds)

If we sit at #6 and Clowney/Mack off the board, the above combo. is likely to happen.

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