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As a Brit (hooray) I am part of the nfluk forum. The draft section had a mock draft/UDFA similar to what is going on in this board as the Falcs I ended up with

1. Teddy Bridgewater

2. Jonny Manziel

3. Mike Evans - el oh el - big trade up for him too

4. Sammy Watkins

5. Jadeveon Clowney

6. Khalil Mack

7. Greg Robinson

1. (8) Jake Matthews - OT - Texas A&M

- I made a trade back knowing that my top 3 were still available and so I could happily collect an extra pick or 2 and still get who I wanted. I didn't expect the Bucs to take Robinson at all and had planned on taking him but still very happy with Matthews

2. - Trade back with the Jets - Hagemann taken 2 spots before me and there wasnt anyone that I thought was worth the pick so happy to trade back

- Trade back with Redskins - The curse of trading back! 3 Safetys, Van Noy and Nix taken in the 5 picks before me, absolutely destroyed my board so I traded back again.

3(66) - C.J. Fiedorowicz - TE - Iowa

3(68) - Jackson Jeffcoat - OLB - Texas

I think Jeffcoat has the potential to be a great pass rusher standing up, something he did quite bit at Texas.

Fiedorowicz is the most well rounded TE in the draft for me.

4(102) - Jeremy Hill - RB - LSU

4(103) - Dontae Johnson - FS - NC State

4(110) - Chris Smith - DE/OLB - Arkansas

4(118) - Will Clarke - DE

I think Hill is the best RB in the draft, and in this particular mock there was imo a complete over reaction to the diminishing value of RBs high in the draft. With a retired Snelling there is a spot available to him and he was clearly BPA to me. Another big plus imo for Hill is his low mileage, a redshirt Sophmore who rarely carried over 20 times a game, adds another year of productivity before the wear and tear hits him

Johnson has experience at CB aswell which is obviously big for us at the FS, at 6'2 220 with a 4.45 he clearly has the measurables to make the step up and his size will help with TEs

Smith was criminally underused his senior in my opinion and is good value, an OLB/DE tweener for me

Clarke has the size to be a legit 3-4 DE

4(139) - Comp -DT - Anthony Johnson LSU

Hoping he can get motivated to reach his potential.

I actually debated double dipping at RB with Seastrunk available when Smith was picked

5(147) - James Hurst - OT - UNC

Great run blocker, I think he kicks inside to Guard in the pros, if healthy he is gone 3 rounds ago

6(192) - Kevin Norwood - WR - Alabama

I actually missed this pick because I was playing golf while too hungover to do anything close to multi-tasking, so it was voted on, they went WR because they think White is done etc. not that I agree with them at all, but Norwood is pretty reliable with good hands.

7(220) - George Uko - DT - USC

I wont lie, my knowledge was lacking as I was at work so no board so just picked someone I knew was available (poor form I know) Undersized but plenty he owuld have plenty of time to adjust to a new scheme.

7(223) - Devon Kennard - OLB/ILB - USC - I think he can transition to an ILB in the 3-4, a leader both on and of the field.

7(253) - Dillon Baxter - RB - Baker

I know I could have picked him up as a UDFA but thought why not? Connor Shaw and DeDe Lattimore were taken from under my nose so I was struggling and took him. Seems to have his head straight since his tremendous fall from grace, but I think everyone can agree if he does retain his old ability(workout numbers suggest physically he is still all there) he would probably beat out Rodgers and earn a spot.

7(257) - Zack Fulton - OG - Tennessee

Depth pick, can probably play C too.

UDFA - For this it was a silent auction split into 3 days. You could only bid on 10 players and win 5 players.

Day 1 - max $100 total

Kendall James - CB - Maine

Travis Carrie - CB - Ohio

Daniel Sorenson - SS - BYU

James Stone - C - Tennessee

Silas Redd - RB - USC

Day 2 - max $50

Albert Wilson - WR - Georgia State

Marcus Lucas - WR - Missouri

Bryn Renner - QB - UNC

James Franklin - QB

Ryan Hewitt - FB - Stanford

Overall - Im happy to admit my trade backs cost me some players I wanted e.g. Dion Bailey and Jaylen Watkins (I think he can be a FS in the NFL), but the way the draft shaped I ended up getting some great value/minor steals especially in the 4th.

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read this last night but didnt write anything, surprised no replies. I think if you are there at 6 with Greg Robinson or Mack, you take one. Not sure what the compensation you got to move down was. Anything other than a high 3rd is not worth the trade down. And you only have two 3's after another two trade downs. You could have probably used those 4's to move up and get another impact player at safety, maybe Ed Reynolds. Dontae Johnson is nothing more than a project and very raw.

I like Hill as a player, but considering his character concerns, I'd be surprised if his name plate was anywhere other than the trash pile at Flowery branch.

I'd be curious to know what pass rushers you had at the second round pick before trading down but Jeffcoat is not the end of the world, he has some nice potential.

You arguably drafted three 3-4 DE's(Clarke, Johnson Uko) and no nose tackle, which I am not a fan of. We already have plenty of 4-3 DT's and these guys wont be starter material by any stretch, just extra bodies.

We had no need for Hurst, since Holmes, Johnson and Schraeder are still on the roster with some potential, now we would have to cut two of them instead of just one.

would have liked to see a FB, ILB picked higher than the 7th, NT(I'm sure Daquan Jones, Zack Kerr, Justin Ellis, McCullers or Carrethers were available at some point)

Not the worst draft I've seen by any stretch, but could have avoided doubling down for depth+depth in some spots. Most of your 7's will get cut at the final 53 in this scenario.

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