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Kc Talking Head - Chiefs Should Trade Eric Berry

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Eric Berry is 25 years old and he's made three Pro Bowls. He's the type of player that teams usually build around, but the Kansas City Star suggests the Chiefs should think about trading him.

Yes, this is the type of column that comes up during the quiet NFL days in April. The likelihood of the Chiefs trading Berry ranges somewhere between "extremely unlikely" and "Andy Reid fitting into his old

" uniform. That doesn't mean columnist Sam Mellinger is completely off his rocker.

Mellinger recognizes that Berry is a very good player, but he believes that the safety's reputation exceeds his value to the team. (That's certainly fair when it comes to Berry's 2012Pro Bowl appearance.) The Chiefs have salary cap problems, and Berry has primarily been used as a "box safety" in his career. Berry has a cap number of $20 million over the next two years, a huge total for someone that isn't asked to excel in coverage.

A few thoughts on Berry:

1. The Chiefs surely want to lower Berry's cap number. Trading him is a dramatic way to do that, but a contract extension is a far more sensible approach. Berry was part of the final NFL draft class before the new CBA, so his salaries as a top-five overall draft pick are inflated. That makes working out a long-term deal complicated, but not impossible. Berry is going to want to be one of the top-paid safeties in football. He already is paid that well.

2. Berry's ability to cover opposing tight ends is up for debate. He's had his ups and downs, but there's no denying that the Chiefs primarily look to Berry for his skills in run support. It will be interesting to see if Berry's role changes with the team's usual starting free safety Kendrick Lewisleaving via free agency. A "box safety" in the NFL is going the way of the fullback, and it's fair to argue that Berry needs to show that skill set to be paid top dollar.

3. Mellinger believes the Chiefs could get multiple draft picks in return for Berry -- possibly a second- and third-round pick. He mentions a first-round pick as a possibility.

That doesn't seem like enough to bother trading him, and we aren't sure the Chiefs could even get that much. Teams wouldn't just be trading for Berry; they would presumably trade for him and have to give a market-setting contract.

The Chiefs' salary cap issues are significant, but there's no reason to blow up their team. Berry isn't a problem. He's the type of leader and player that you hope to find in the draft, not deal away. His contract is an unfortunate remnant of pre-CBA life, but dealing him away only creates more problems on a roster that has already lost a lot of starters.

In the latest edition of the "Around The League Podcast," the guys discuss "Draft Day," then break down who got better (and who got worse) in the AFC East.

Berry would look pretty good back there with Moore, Trufant and Alford.

Not to mention someone like Mack up front.

It'd be hard giving up picks in this draft, I could see maybe a 2nd, next years 1st to get Berry now would be interesting.

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So, in the same vain as the Tony G trade with KC...I would offer a 2nd Rounder next year 2015 (just to see if they would do it).

That sure would be sweet but I think they'd likely pass.

A future 1st would be ok with me, we'd get him immediately, he's already a 1st rounder who has been to multiple Pro Bowls and is only 25.

Not to mention we would expect to be picking a lot later than 6.

He's worth a 2nd rounder in this draft but I don't know if we could give up this year's early 2nd for him, unless for example we got a sweet pass rusher at 6 and for some strange reason thought the OL we had would be better or we could get someone in round 3.

It might be intriguing to trade down as has been said and use the extra pick to trade for him. I couldnt see giving up 2 2nds but a later 2nd we acquire and possibly another later or future later pick could work.

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him and Moore can share about their fav BBQ spots why they're standing in the box with quarterbacks bombing passes over their heads.

Even though Berry played SS for the Chiefs, he also has the range to play FS.

When Berry first came into the NFL, I did not view him as neither a pure FS or SS but more of a tweener safety that could play both.

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him and Moore can share about their fav BBQ spots why they're standing in the box with quarterbacks bombing passes over their heads.

3 Seasons healthy (got cheap shotted in the knee in a preseason game and missed a year) - 8 interceptions (3 touchdowns), 29 passes defensed.

Work out numbers

40: 4.40

10: 1.54

20: 2.51

short: 4.23

3 cone 6.80

vert 43"

broad 10'10

Red numbers indicate elite results among position group.

Berry and Moore would be an outstanding safety duo.

And if you think Berry can't keep receivers in front of him you don't have a clue.

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The fact that he has 5.5 sacks 2 FF 2 FR and 20 run stuffs to go with all those passes broken up or intercepted is simply testament to his talent. Which, if you can do at 211 pounds and run a 4.4 is pretty **** impressive.

But parroting that he's a "box" safety doesn't make much sense when he's faster and more athletic than most corners out there and has more statistical production as a ball hawk than run stuffer.

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Bro the teams beatwriter called him in da box but if your cupping of the balls is merited then I'd throw them that trade down.

He said thats where he played. Berry can do everything at safety, thus why he has stats in every department. He is PD, sacks, tackles, INTS, TDs, runs stuffed, ect. What more can you want??

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