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Holder A Race Baiter ?


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Pathetic.....Eric Holder trying to start another race war with Al Sharpton....REALLY

ERIC ? " Basically saying he is being treated worse than any AG before him due to his skin color ????

Obama echoing these comments. These are not leaders, these are dividers trying to transform this horrible America they live in. I would be pised off too if all I could achieve was being a President or an AG in a country like the US....doesn't sound like they had any lack of opportunity.

Its sad when your President and AG have to start a race war to rally the African American base for votes. Pathetic actually.

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I like to pay attention, 100% of my business is with Americans and has been for a lot of years. The economy has hurt a lot of them and as you should know we are joined at the hip, if something drastic happens in the US it transfers here immediately. So yes I like to stay informed.

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I think Holder and Obama are weak leaders. Its that simple. When they don't get their way, they play the race card (or whatever preconceived prejudice that fits the mood) instead of LEADING. No one would mistake either for a Ronald Reagan, or a Kennedy. Weak, and clueless.

In before the "tolerant left" calls you racist.....

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