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Clowney Will Be The Biggest Bust In Draft History

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Yes, worse than Ryan Leaf. He's that bad. The guy is Jevon Kearse without less football skillz and less passion. Teams averaged more than 5 yards per carry against him last year in college. And he only got 3 sacks. I've never seen such an overhyped player in my life.

1) He does not have the speed that Kearse had. Does not have the fluidity that Kearse had.

2) It will be hard to out bust Aundray Bruce or Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf.

But I agree. The Mutha Fu** Stank.

That said... The MoFo looked pretty got dam*** scary running around in those drills on pro day. I don't mind tellin' ya. The Boy Scaid Da Shi* Out Me.

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The amount of money in his rookie contract before the new CBA, the fact he showed up fatter than his lineman, and that the Raiders have still not found a QB and recovered from drafting him makes Jamarcus Russell the all time, undisputed, heavyweight champion of draft busts.

The fact all the money he got has been redistributed back into the economy (I.e. Robitussin stockholders) is just icing on his title.

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I don't think he will be a huge bust, on the level of Jamarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf. But he's got so much hype going that if he's not destroying double teams and crushing a QB on his way to a record season then people are gonna be disappointed.

I honestly think he will be good, but watching all these experts hype him up is just ridiculous. plain and simple he did not have a great season last year, so assume that its not a question of heart/effort/love for the game and that it was mostly due to teams game planning for him, I would still have to consider that. I mean teams in the NFL are gonna game plan for him and double team him, right?

if Clowney does his job and gets double teamed every passing down which helps someone else get freed up to get pressure and sacks but Clowney is not, would he be labeled a bust? I think so, according to the general NFL fan mindset

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It's not possible to be a worse draft bust than Ryan Leaf. Unless Clowney convinced the entire team to pull a "Replacements", then he isn't beating out Leaf. People who scream bust when talking about Clowney haven't watched the film. It's that simple IMO.

Or they are so against trading up for him that they convince themselves he will bust if he comes to Atlanta.

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I love the Falcons more than I love cheesecake, and I would almost agree with you. That's why I want a safe pick like Jake Matthews or Greg Robinson. Somebody who (worst case scenario) is at least going to be a solid starter.

Honestly after typing that I've leaned more to the OT side of the #6 pick. I would still get some laughs because people will be calling TD a wimp for not trading up. Probably the same who bished about JJ. Always a good time.

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The only reason Clowney will be a bust is because the expectations on him are ridiculous. He's not Lawrence Taylor. They're not going to change NFL rules and teams change the way they build teams because of Clowney. But everyone is hyping him up as that player and it will be impossible for him to live up to that hype and therefore he will end up being labeled a bust.

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