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Anyone Live Or Have Lived In London England


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My best friend went to LBS there, still lives there. He's originally from SC. Hates the weather. Loves the town. He likes to travel, gets ridiculous vacation days, and can get anywhere in Europe in just a few hours.

His wife got a full years maternity leave last year.

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Here are the replies I received:

""Shared accommodation," to me, would mean sharing a kitchen, bathroom and maybe a living room/common area, depending on the size of the accommodation in question. It would vary from place to place, so they'd probably have to make further enquiries in order to determine which facilities are being shared. Unless they were renting a one bedroom apartment or staying in a hotel, I'd be surprised if they had any shared accommodation which offered private bathrooms and kitchen units. It's not impossible, and it all depends on price, but that's what I would expect from shared accommodation.

"Flat" does mean apartment. In general, rent is monthly, though if you were staying in a place that offered short-term accommodation they might ask for it weekly."

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Is this a normal thing, and is every flat or house in London like this?

Also, is the tube a nightmare?

Flats are just your own place. Theres been quite the increase in student accommodation built and continued to be built in the city around Islington and Tower Gateway. Again this would be akin to shared accommodation.

The tube can be ok. Rush hour is around 7.30-9.30 and 4.30-7 in my experiences.

When its a sunny, clear day, make the most of it.

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Sweet, so Ive been looking for a place to stay in London and it seems like a lot of places have "shared accommodations"... now I hope that doesn't mean im sharing a bathroom or Kitchen with others?

Also is a "flat" an a apartment or a hotel room, is rent Monthly or weekly?

they do rent by the week there, particularly sublets. It's weird.

Probably all the terrorists, never know when one of them is going to up and disappear.

(Hi NSA)

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