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Buy A Nike Jersey For $395

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I just buy the jerseys on ebay. They are knockoffs but you can never tell unless you pullout a magnifying glass or something. I havent tried buying the nike ones as i still have the reebok ones.

I might try to get a Julio Jones this season.

No way in **** am i paying $295 for a freaking jersey... $i think they should be no more then $40-50 dollars. Dont tehy make enough money already?

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Nike has raised the prices on some of its NFL jerseys. You can now purchase a "Limited" jersey for the bargain price of $150 (up from $130). And if you have money burning a hole in your pocket, you can upgrade to the "Elite" jersey which now cost $395 (up from $250).

With the reports that the Black jerseys are making a comeback, have fun saving up!

(I guess the "Game" jerseys are staying at their current $100 price. I'm not a big jersey guy, but the Game is supposed to be the 3rd tier jersey and the most popular. Anyone know if they are decent jerseys?)

Why do people throw away money on jerseys?

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I suppose I'm the only one that finds the Reebok jersey's a **** of a lot nicer than the Nike ones. I own a the throwback Elite or what ever they call the one that is supposedly worn on the field in both brands (my last name on the back so I never have to retire them) and the Nike one is pretty terrible. Freaking SCREEN PRINTED logo's on the arm sleeves!!! The Reebok one is 100% embroidered. Both were ordered from the official Atlanta Falcons shop too so no, they aren't knockoffs. I've been looking for some old logo patches large enough to sew over the fricken screen printed logo's because they look terrible.

Just another reason I hate Nike.

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