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Ot V. De/olb In 1St Round - Does One Make More Sense?

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Just reviewing the Falcons acquisitions from last year (FA and draft) along with this year's FA additions, I personally think we are moving towards the direction of selecting OT with our first rounder.


2nd: Peter Konz - has show mixed results at both C and OG, with addition of Asamoah, no longer starter at OG, and has been relegated to backup C

3rd: Lamar Holmes - while some might consider there still to be upside, how much better can a player get at this level? Last year seemed like a disaster

5th: Jon Massaquoi - Maybe still has potential? Will he see the field if another DE/OLB is drafted?


1st: Desmond Trufant - Starter @ CB

2nd: Robert Alford - projected starter @ CB

4th: Malliciah Goodman - potential move to 3-4 DE? how much playing time in 4-3 scheme if DE selected?

5th Stansly Maponga - injured, but most likely 3-4 OLB project, if player selected, how much PT?

6th: Kamal Ishmael - depth, potential cut if S is picked high in draft

7th: Zeke Motta - depth, ST player

Plus the addition of Osi Umenyoria (DE/OLB)

2014 Free Agent

Paul Soliai, Tyson Jackson, Dwight Lowery, Josh Wilson AND Jon Asamoah

When I review these acquisitions in the last year, the Falcons have brought in 11 defensive players (6 draft, 5 FA) while only bringing in 3 offensive players (1 draft (Tiololo), 1 FA (SJax)).

Did the Falcons see enough in Holmes and trust Baker to remain healthy to move forward with those two for the next 3-4 years during Matt's prime?

It seems like there have been a lot of additions on the defensive side of the ball recently, will the Falcons add more, even with other current players on the roster?

Offensive Line players on roster:

Projected Starters: Baker, Blalock, Hawley, Asamoah, Holmes

Backups: Johnson, Konz, Shraeder, Gunn

Defensive Line/Linebackers on roster:

3-4 projected starters: DLine TJax, Soliai, Babs LBs: Osi, Spoon, Worrilow, Beirmann

Backups: DLine Goodman, Peters, Jerry, Replogle, Robertson LBs: Mass, Bartu, Maponga, Dent

4-3 projected starters: DLine Osi, Soliai, Babs, Mass? LBs: Spoon, Worrilow, Beirmann?

Backups: DLine: TJax, Maponga, Goodman, Peters, Jerry, Robertson, Replogle LBs: Bartu, Dent

I just think reviewing the current roster and recent player acquisitions, IMO, really suggest that the Falcons would be leaning towards OT in the first round more than say DE/OLB...

THAT DOESNT MEAN that if Clowney or Mack fell in our laps at #6 that the Falcons would not select either of them. I jut honestly do not see them giving up a 2nd rounder to move up for either.

I also think that this DE/OLB class is deeper in mid 1st-2nd round talent then the OT class. I think the player you get at OT in the second round is not as good as the player you get at DE/OLB in the 2nd round. IMO

Just thinking out loud...

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