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Mock Draft

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We trade down from #6 to the middle of the first round. Pick up at LEAST a 3rd rounder and then use either the 3rd round pick we pick up (or use our existing 3rd round pick if we're able to get a 2nd round pick for #6) and then trade up from early in the 2nd to late in the 1st (mid-20's). With the pick in the middle of the first round I say we take Zack Martin. He's a guy that can play multiple positions (he's played both tackle positions, including left tackle), is projected as right tackle in the NFL (I think we need a right tackle), and some project would be an even better guard, He brings versatility, consistency, and good character. He fits the Dimitroff mold (much better than the UM player with accusations against him). With the second pick later in the 1st round we take Dee Ford. Great fit for outside linebacker in 3-4 and should be able to generate significant pass rush. SEC linebacker. Fits Dimitroff mold.

Then with our third pick (either early third round or late in the second): Troy Niklas. He played linebacker his first year in college and switched to tight end (he played it in high school) his sophomore year. Early entrant into the draft. They call him "Hercules." He's got a ton of upside. Fast. Strong. He's a freak. And once he learns the position. Another guy with no character issues. Fills huge position of need.

Two fourth round picks. First pick is Ed Reynolds (safety out of Stanford). He can back up Rafael Bush and learn over the year. Compensatory pick is Storm Johnson (running back out of UCF). Doesn't need to play early, but is identified by many as a sleeper pick and can eventually replace Rodgers (if not Steven Jackson, one day).

Fifth round pick: Jay Prosch (Fullback out of Auburn). Yeah, we're just as likely to go 3 and 4 wideouts as run out of the power I. But we need to be able to get 3rd and 1 and 3rd and 2. We have to do it. Bradie Ewing was never healthy. Mughelli had gotten old and then was injured before that (could Mughelli have been the first Michael Sam if he had wanted to be? Just wondering).

I know I am lame for not finishing it out with 6th and 7th round picks. Maybe an offensive guard (I feel good with a 2-deep of Baker/Martin & Johnson/Schraeder...and would prefer somebody to help provide better depth for Blalock/Asamoah & Konz/Camini). Maybe another inside linebacker. And another wide receiver. I also feel pretty decent about the depth on our defensive line. Maybe throw a flyer on a QB.

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