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I Know One Pick Td Will Make


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Guest fibonacci

Sticks to the scheme and knows how to move around before the scheme. But once the ball is snapped he sticks to that scheme most of the time (noting wrong with that. But it leads to quarterbacks knowing what your are doing and how to pass around you easily).

He also is very cautious.

This is a guy with a lot of work. But if you get his cautious out and show him how to pay LB, then he might be a good depth player. But i never see this guy being a starter in 4 years.

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No but you could always say I know one pick Dan Reeves will make and choose any TE's name and you stood a pretty **** good chance of being right.Trying to guess TDs picks is such a crap shoot because I am always left thinking who in the **** is that

Corey Peters reminds me of that...there was 4 wtf is a corey peters threads when he was drafted

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This guy has TD written all over him:

Four-year starter

Team captain in high school and college

Won the award for "hard work and determination"

Chosen to wear number 37, the Grizz "legacy" number

I am in no way, shape, or form an advocate for this guy, although he looked like he moved pretty well in the drills today. You heard it here first if we get him, though. This kind of guy is like crack to TD.

I would be surprised that we didn't draft Jordan Tripp.

All joking aside, Jordan Tripp is a safety from Montana. Team captain in high school, team captain in college, and voted by coaches and teammates to wear number 37 "the Grizzly Legacy number" as a senior. I have no idea if he can play, but I will be surprised if TD can control his impulses.

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