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Trading Up...i Know I Know

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This is a different thought and I wanted to get you guys opinions.

I always had the thought that if the Falcons ended up signing a young Safety that they have belief in that we would end up trading up for Clowney or Mack.

The idea behind it was to cover as many pieces as possible that way trading this year's 2nd rounder wouldn't be as difficult to deal with because holes are filled.

I think RT can be upgraded but never thought it was necessary with the 1st 2 picks.

It was always pass rusher and FS to me.

With the possible official signing of Bush depending on the Saints response, do you guys agree that a trade up is even more possible than it was before?

I just find it ironic that the very next day after finally seeing Clowney's pro day and being up close and personal that we decide the offer Bush something.

Do you think Bush's ultimate signing has a significant affect on us trading up or it doesn't have any?

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If Bush is signed I think he is the starter. And honestly I wouldn't be upset with a trade up as long as we get the best deal possible.

I agree that if Bush is signed. He's our starter. We may still pick up a vet but I think it takes the necessity to get a Safety in the draft out of the equation. If I'm not mistaken, Bush is 25 yrs old. You don't sign a young guy like that just to draft another young Safety.

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IF - we trade up, its for Clowney (not what I'd like to do!) I think AB & TD have been playing their cards open on getting an "impact pass rusher" too much. Picking 6th, other teams may also want to move up to get Clowney or for 1 of the 3 or 4 top QB's in this draft. Besides, look at the quality we may choose from picking #6...Robinson, Mathews, Mack, Barr & Ebron that 1 of these WILL be available...I'd choose 1 of these guys!

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