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We Have 8.275 Million Left In Salary Space


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According to latest NFLPA report

Enough to sign low level FA(bush) and draft plus emergency and maybe more if we extend whites contract

In other news. Saints have 2.2. How the heck are they going to sign graham and their draft picks?

they'll have space once they sign him.
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Yes graham currently counts. Lets say he counts 7.5mil. But as soon as they sign him to a long term contract. The first year might only count 5mil. So they create 2.5. Im sure they will give him a nice signing bonus. Then back load the contract for when brees retires. They are just putting themselves further down into cap ****

To answer the other question. If they dont sign him to a long term contract. He will officially have to play next year as a designated franchise player. And basically be on a one year contract

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