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Mock 1.0

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This is my first mock with a twist. My ideal mock if Clowney and Mack are already off the board.

Round 1: ***Trade*** Falcons trade #6 overall to the Tennessee Titans for #11 overall and the Titans second round pick #43 overall. Assuming Clowney and Mack are both off the board the the Falcons should look to trade down. The Titans have show interest in Derek Carr, Blake Bortles, and Teddy Bridgewater.

Round 1: (Pick#1) Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

He's big, nasty, and has a mean streak. At 6'7 310 lbs he is already a terrific run blocker and has the size, strength, and long arms to teams look for in a pass protector. Plug him in at RT as of now and slide him over to LT if Baker falls off again. With Lewan and Asamoah at RG and RT the Falcons will definitely upgrade a horrific offensive will start to be a way more physical and aggressive unit. Keeping Matt Ryan on his feet and more operating room in the pocket is crucial to this teams success.

Round 2: (Pick# 38) Jeramiah Attaochu, OLB/DE, GT

The Falcons get the local product who should be getting a lot more love in this draft class. I think he's the next best pass rusher after Mack and Clowney. He doesn't have the size of Kony or the speed of Ford, but he is stronger than both of them. He exploded in the back half of the season to end up with 10 sacks. I like hime more than the Ford and Kony because he has experience rushing the passer with his hand in the dirt in a 43 and standing up in the 34. The Falcons run both and could move him around just like Biermann.

Round 2: (Pick#43) Troy Niklas, TE, ND

Having a play making Tight End has been to important to Matt Ryan's career to have Levine Toiolo as the top guy on the depth chart. He is a nice number 2 TE, but he can't block and the Falcons need to get back to establishing the run game. Niklas is the best blocking TE in this draft and was NDs best receiving target this year, so he can work the middle of the field for Ryan as well.

Round 3: Deon Bucannon, Safety, Washington St.

As of right now the Falcons starting safety is Zeke Motta. They need someone to replace him. Bucannon is a much better player when it comes to run support and tackling. Two things the Falcons cut DeCoud for not producing.

Round 4: Trai Turner, OG, LSU

Justin Blalocks replacement... After next year Blalock's contract will become expendable and the Falcons need a replacement aswell as depth right now. From everything I've read on Turner, he has all the physical ability right now. He just came out to early a a redshirt sophomore and could have used another year or two and became a first or second round pick.

Round 4:(comp pick) Terrance West, RB, Townson

Steven Jackson in 31 this year and Jaquizz Rodgers is more of a 3rd down back. So the Falcons need someone who can come in and has the ability to run the ball in between the tackles. West is a small school back who can do that. He has great size at 5'9 and 227lbs. The Falcons have shown interest and it makes sense here.

Round 5: Zach Kerr, DT, Delaware

Another small school product from the Colonial conference. The Falcons added Jackson and Soliai to add much needed size to a D line that got shoved around last year. But they still need more size. Kerr can provide depth at NT with his 6'2 325lbs frame and can play in tandem with Babs, Jackson, and Soliai on 3rd/4th and short and goal line stands.

Round 6: Jordan Tripp, OLB/DE, Montana

TD reached for a a similar workout warrior from Montana once before with Biermann. That worked out. Tripp is a Biermann clone, and would be used in the same way that Kroy has been. ST stand out who can be developed into another pass rusher.

Round 7:Kain Colter, WR/QB, Northwestern

Played QB at NW, but has already committed to playing WR in the NFL. He is an above average athlete that needs to be polished up. Fortunately the Falcons have Julio, Roddy, HD, and a pretty good 4th WR in Drew Davis. So Colter can come in and fill that 5th WR spot and use the time behind the top 3 to become stronger and a better route runner. He'll also be a nice locker room presence and a good ST player.

Round 7: Tre Boston, S/CB, North Carolina

Played both corner and safety for UNC and can provide depth at both for the Falcons.

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Had to laugh when I saw Kain Colter's name. I can absolutely, positively guarantee you he will not be a Falcon. Can't tell you why, but take it to the bank.


Could you give me a reason why? Skeptical because of the College Players Union he is currently the face of? Why would anyone outside of the NCAA disagree with the stance he and the others are taking?

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