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I'm Not Opposed To Trading Up, But...

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I'd rather have a Robinson or Matthews\Attaochu combination in the 1st and 2nd or a Mack\Moses or Richardson combination. I'm totally ok either way.

I really want a quality OT in this draft. Actually I want us to use two picks on OTs. I'm a big fan of Richardson personally.

I'm not against Clowney in any way. I think he will be awesome actually. I'm just not sure that having him versus a combination of the players above make us a better team overall.

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I'm ok to trade up only if we give up no more than a 3rd this season. We need that second round pick for another starter.

Yep. Totally agree. If we get ansty about Robinson, Mack, or Clowney and can move up to 3 or 4 and only give a 3rd and some change, no problem. Our 37th pick is to valuable though.

Thing is, in this draft, that third rounder stands to be as good as our 2nd rounders have been in terms of draft position, plus its an early early third.

Since we do have so many needs, I would rather just stay put at six, and address one of those many needs.

Which is better....taking say, a TE in the first because Robinson Matthews Mack and Clowney are gone, then going OT then Pass Rusher in the third?

OR...going Pass Rusher in the first by trading away our 3rd, then going OT in the second and then.....nothing because we trradedd our third away?

There is legit talent in every draft, in every round. THe best evaluators can find that talent without having to resort to trading thier draft away. Anyone can trade picks away to get the consensus-best players in the draft. Its time for TD to be the great talent guy he is supposed to be (otherwise why is he here?) and keep our picks, find some good players where we can.

My greatest concern about this draft? Is that TD trades away next years first and \ or second. That would tell me he is on the way out.

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