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This Defense Is Only 2-3 Pieces Away From Being One Of The Best!


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I feel like we can get each one in the draft.

We need a pass rusher, a fs, and another DT. If we can't get Robinson, Mack or Clowney, we can trade down and take Lewan. Then pick up someone like Murphy and Attachu in the 2nd. Get another NT to groom while Solia handles starting duties.

Also, this will be my last draft topic until we're under a week away from the draft.

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I think the Oline will be alot better this year.

I hope so.

But yes, I too think it'll be better this year. No way can it be any worse than last year. Not saying it'll be "elite" or whatever but I think that another offseason for Konz & Holmes will help them, a new mentality with a new offensive line coach, and the addition of a quality NFL starting RG like Asamoah should help a lot. Plus Schraeder or Carimi could turn out to be nice pieces, probably a long shot but you never know. We could also bring in some good OL pieces in the draft.

Whatever happens, there's almost no way that the OL can become any worse than last year.

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How many times have we heard that year in and year out???

That's what I've said several times in the past in other threads. People are always thinking we're just a few pieces away from becoming an "elite" defense or whatever. People get their hopes up and expect to see a Seahawks-type defense out on the field. I wouldn't say we're _____ players away from an "elite" defense because I highly doubt that, however there's no question that I love the way this defense is heading.

Personally, I've not been this excited about our defense in a while. We've brought in personnel that'll allow us to play more effective 3-4 looks, of course we're also playing 4-3 since we run a hybrid under Nolan, but Soliai and TJax will improve our 3-4 looks. A longtime overdue coaching change along the DL with a guy like Bryan Cox who will make the DL play more aggressive and gritty. Trufant will be a star in the NFL and we also have 3 other promising youngins with Alford, Worrilow, and Bartu. I think that Akeem Dent improves as a rotational player at 3-4 ILB which is what he played at Georgia and I also think that Goodman makes a nice impact as a run stuffing defender. Our run defense should be patched up because Soliai, TJax, Worrilow, and Goodman very well could make a stout run stuffing force. Who knows, Mass and Maponga could possibly excel as a rush 3-4 OLB.

With all that I just said, I used a lot of terms referring to "could" and "possibly," so nothing is proven yet. This defense is building tons of potential but we all know that "potential" doesn't always workout. I definitely love the direction the defense is heading. I feel like we've got a nice core of players but we just need some more depth, a FS, proven pass rushers, and a true star or two who the defense can rally around. My guy is Mack, but if he's gone by #6 and we get more picks in a 1st round trade back then I'd love to see a double dip in the 2nd/3rd rounds at OLB with Jeremiah Attaochu and Marcus Smith.

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Here is a mock that's fixes all of our holes!

This involves a trade btw...

1st-Mack DE/OLB

2nd-Moses OT

3rd-Attachou OLB/DE

Trade Up 3rd-Buchannon FS

Comp 4th-Lynch TE

5th-Fiedorowicz TE

6th-Crowell RB

7th-Bullough MLB

Comp 7th-Kerr NT

Comp 7th-Thomas QB

The trade is our 4th and next years 2nd for the extra 3rd

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You know what? I really think we could do some things with a playmaker at pass rusher.

Think the same thing about a RT- O could be much better.

Yeah, TD has to get this draft right- get a game changer on D, a RT, get some development from the youngsters, this team could be a lot of fun to watch.

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It's definitely possible to turn this defense into a beast with just this draft. I have been a Falcons fan for too long though, so I can't shake the feeling that we are snakebit and no matter what, our draft picks will be huge busts. If we draft Clowney, he will be Audrey Bruce. If the Texans do, he will be JJ Watt on the other side of JJ Watt. Same with Mack, Barr, Matthews, Pryor et al.

It's a complex i'm dealing with. tongue.png

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I agree Macinte we have the coach to take us there it's all about talent at this point.

1.I think mass is breakout candidate this year. Pairing him with another dominant guy coming off the edge will solve our pass rushing woes

2. Adding a playmaker to the hammer willy mo gives us I ne of the best all around secondaries in the league given alford and trufant continue to progress

3. I would say adding a pocket pushing 3-4 DE or backup NT would be equally as important to completing a tru defensive overhaul

I would be completely happy with




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