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Will Any Players From The Falcons Make The Nfl 2014 Top 100 Players List?

Who from the Falcons could possibly make the 2014 top 100 NFL players list??  

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  1. 1. Who do you have??

    • 2 Ryan, Matt QB
    • 59 Bartu, Joplo LB
    • 5 Bosher, Matt P
    • 3 Bryant, Matt K
    • 19 Davis, Drew WR
    • 83 Douglas, Harry WR
    • 11 Jones, Julio WR
    • 96 Massaquoi, Jonathan DE
    • 25 Moore, William S
    • 32 Rodgers, Jacquizz RB
    • 35 Smith, Antone RB
    • 21 Trufant, Desmond CB
    • 50 Umenyiora, Osi DE
    • 56 Weatherspoon, Sean LB
    • 84 White, Roddy WR
    • 55 Worrilow, Paul LB
    • 39 Jackson, Steven RB

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After our teams s**t storm of a season, we know that there will not be as many Falcons on this years list as 2013. With the Injuries to key offensive players, the incompentent O-line, soft defense and running game failures some players are not even mentioned. I know that many of these players could not even have a chance of making the list. Many were not even on the field for a good chunk of the season. Personally I think the list is not that important and somewhat rigged anyway. I am just curious to know who you guys think "might" have a shot of making it. I believe mostly our rookies like Trufant, Worrilow, and Bartu gave us some pleasant surprises and have the biggest shot at making the list. So who ya got, what range do you think they will end up in and why?? Will we have any??

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Tony definitely don't be on the list. The list is always set up to be the top 100 players going into the upcoming season.

If Tony did make list it would be def just out of respect for his carrer and not the season. I agree with you on the fact that the 100 players are supposed to be the ones leading into next season

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