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What Percentage Chance Would You Give Us Four Possibly Drafting One Of Our Big For Guys?

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Sweet, 190% chance we land an awesome prospect!

Hey I give 190% every day There is a 140% I pee after drinking coffee, dude prob a UGA grad hopefully not a CPA or banker

I think Mr. Robinson

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you have two different things here -

  1. percentage chance Falcons end up drafting said player (could be trade up-or down)
  2. percentage chance said player will be available at #6


Percentage Chance Falcons Draft Big 4:

  • 30% - Chance Falcons end up with Jadeveon Clowney (trade-up or he falls) - most likely trade-up
  • 30% - Chance Falcons end up with Khalil Mack (trade-up or he falls)
  • 10% - Chance Falcons end up with Greg Robinson (trade-up or he falls)
  • 20% - Chance Falcons end up with Jake Matthews (trade-up or he falls)
  • 10% - Chance - Other outside of Big 4 (Barr/Donald/Lewan/Pryor, etc)

Percentage Chance Big 4 falls to Falcons Pick#6:

  • 60% - Chance that Jake Matthews Falls to #6
  • 50% - Chance that Khalil Mack Falls to #6
  • 25% - Chance that Greg Robinson Falls to #6
  • 15% - Chance Jadeveon Clowney Falls to #6

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