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Another (Brief) Mock

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I'll keep this one simple....

I think 2 QBs,Watkins,Robinson,and Clowney will be taken before our pick...So we will have a option between Matthews and Mack.So here it is IMO

1st-Khalil Mack

We need a force comin from the outside so why miss out?

2nd-Morgan Moses

He can come and compete for that RT spot with Holmes,Johnson,and Schraeder

3rd-Jeremiah Attachou

Why not load up on pass rusher in the draft an heck if they both pan out we won't have to pay spoon later...

4th-Arthur Lynch

He can come in and help at the TE spot he can block and catch

5th-Antone Exum

He is a good tackling and coverage CB he can also play FS if needed

6th-Isaiah Crowell

Redemption is all he would want!To prove he has gotten straight and what better place than Georgia?

7th-Logan Thomas

He is a huge QB with good athletic ability he also showed good throwing at his pro day

7th-Rob Blanchflower

He is a little rob gronk he also could come compete with Toilolo an Arty for TE

7th-Jeremy Gallon

We only have 5WRs on the roster an he is just like Steve smith id like to see him in a falcon uni.An who knows if he is good we won't have to pay Douglas

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I keep seeing Crowell in mocks and since I am a huge UGA fan i sincerely hope we do not take him. He was a cancer at UGA and didnt want to get hit.

I remember Richt having to PUSH him back on the field when he was trying to take himself out of the game because he was tired.

He always acted injured after every play and always had drama.

then you factor in that he had gun charges against him and he is an easy no.

i am also praying we draft artie lynch. he is going to be good in my opinion.

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No to Crowell. Just no way he passes our criteria. And really, there are far more talented backs who aren't cancers. I'm on the fence with Lynch. I'm not a big college football fan, and watch few games a year. Every game I watched this year was a UGA game. And in every game, if there was a bonehead play from UGA, he was some how connected with it. His ability is there. But is he a head case?

I tjinkbthe Donald pick is brave. But really I'd see us only going best olineman available, or OLB.

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