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Could Clowney Be Another Audrey Bruce?

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I'm not saying. So don't start flaming. I'm just ASKING.

Anyone remember Audrey Bruce? The game wrecking DE from Auburn that we took #1 overall in the draft. I was all for it just like everyone else was. Turned out the guy was a decent pass rusher but terrible in run support. The 49ers KILLED us his rookie year running right at him. He lasted here a few years then went out west somewhere. Maybe Oakland. He had a decent career, but nothing NEAR what a #1 overall pick should have. He made the NFL Network top #10 all time draft bust list I think.

They have some similarities. Incredible frame and physical tools. Limited experience but with some incredible film highlights in a few key games. Bruce was a one man wrecking crew against Georgia Tech (I think it was) and I guess every Falcon scout must have been there. But he was spotty and inconsistent in many more games.

Discuss? Is this a risk worth worrying about? As they say, those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

On second thought, flame away if you want. I'm sorry. If he falls to #6, fine.

But I'm just not sold on trading up for this guy. AT ALL.

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Clowney should slap the taste out of your mouth for that . Bruce acted like he was still a frat kid. Never mentally grew up. His problems were off field. Remember the pizza hold up he and cotton pulled. I just don't see clown eye pulling that crap. Oh I'm sorry you said no flaming

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Bruce's rookie year he had 6 sacks & 2 interceptions which on its face isn't bad numbers, we were so bad in 88, I don't think anyone could have turned us around the problem with Bruce was, yes you could run at him, but he never improved from his rookie year.THere was enormous pressure on him,just like Clowney,but at #1 your gonna get that. The key is can you go from talented rookie to dominating force. Bruce couldn't but Clowney might

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