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The Dark Side Of Climbing Mount Everest

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12 minutes ago, Grrrillapmpn Inc.® said:

Hands down, greatest thread in abf history. 

And not just for the snake outing, this was just a quality thread from top to bottom. 

I love that Snak got so humiliated that he asked the mods to delete his “Deisel” account and then came back months later as “DirtyHairy” pretending to be someone else.  

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4 hours ago, mdrake34 said:

What's the point in lying about it? 

When your ego and self esteem is so twisted that you have to brag constantly and tell elaborate hog wash stories so you can feel good about your mundane existence . Just a guess .

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On 3/25/2014 at 6:47 PM, Goggle Boot said:

Seriously, I think all the moronic board conservatives should climb Everest together. Show us how manly and not gay they are.

Only the moron Conservatives. So snake, Steve, WFW, etc.


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I could have started a new thread . . . but I could not resist bumping this thread because I'm really just too mean.  Anyway . . . here ya go:

Someone on facebook posted some interesting commentary on free soloing.  I think he makes some great points.

Very mixed feelings about this... I mean, as a climber. When I started climbing I did a lot of free solo stuff and didn't really care about the consequences but one day a guy yelled up to me, the simple fact that at the point I fall the problem stops being mine and becomes his. He didn't want to have his day ruined by having to scrape some kid off the ground and try to get him down the trail to a hospital. As the trailer points out, when you dedicate yourself to free soloing, the most likely outcome is that you will die doing it. And when you do, the area where you climb will be impacted, the people climbing around you will be impacted, your loved ones will be impacted and all because you didn't want to use a rope. And with all that, the purity and beauty of a person, just walking up to a cliff and scaling it, cleaner/faster/better than it was ever done before... I will be watching this film. I will be cringing and exalting. I mean, this could just as easily have been a film of a guy trying and dying but its not. Its a film of a guy literally reaching the top of his field.

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11 minutes ago, Mike Yanagita said:


Oooooh . . . Hall of Fame Post . . .


 . . . . unfortunately, given the cast, the title would now be "A Black Guy Helped Me Get Gas, Offered Me a Drink, and I Woke Up with Sphincter Pain."

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