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Mock Draft - D Up

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After signing Jackson, Soliai, Asamoah, and Hester along with the majority of our free agents, we have filled various holes, but still have needs in the draft. The Falcons definitely got bigger, stronger, and meaner on both lines. Now it is time to get some more defensive players and solidify the offensive line. In my ideal situation, I see the Falcons trading back and getting more picks in the top 2 rounds, but I don't believe that will happen, so here is my mock.

Round 1: Khalil Mack, OLB, 6'3" 251

We continue to see teams that want to stop the other team succeed as compared to teams that want to out score the other with their offense. I am very intrigued by taking an OT here, but I think we need to make our defense better and this starts with bringing in Mack. Mack is the best LB prospect and one of the best pass rushers. He has very good speed and that can be seen in his pass rushing and coverage. With this pick, I can see our defense being a lot better as Mack will fill a hole and be able to provide an impact on all plays. We have put off pass rushers for too long.

Round 2: Jimmy Ward, S, 5'11" 193

FS has become a need after the release of Decoud. Ward is a better coverage man than Pryor and that is what we need. Ward is athletic enough to cover sideline to sideline and can also play man-to-man. Instincts are very important on defense, especially for safeties, and Ward has good instincts and diagnoses plays very quickly and accurately to put himself in position to make plays. One of the more exciting things I like about his game, is that he is a sure tackler. He will not make the 'big hit', but he will make the tackle every time and this every tackle guy will be more durable than a guy that makes the big hits. His combination of coverage skills and tackling ability is exactly what we need at FS.

Round 3: Billy Turner, OT, 6'5" 315

I know that most people would have liked to get an OT earlier in the draft, but I have defense being a bigger concern. In addition, I think that we will see an improvement in Holmes and Schraeder with Tice coaching them up and them getting in the weight room. Turner will add another guy that can come in and compete for the RT job. Turner is strong at the point of attack and still has room to beef up more and become more powerful. He really personifies the attitude that the Falcons have said they want on the lines with Turner playing through the whistle and being nasty. He is athletic enough to be able to stop speed rushes on the next level also. I think this is a guy that could excel with Tice coaching him up. For those that care, he has bloodlines in the NFL.

Round 4: C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE, 6'6" 265

I don't think that Toilio is the long term answer at TE. Fiedorowicz offers similar ability to ASJ as they are both big and fast making them mismatches for defenses. CJ has good body control to make tough catches and is sure handed. He will fit in nicely in our offense and can stretch the field and provide a security blanket for Matt when needed. Neither him nor Toilio will be able to produce Tony's numbers, but combined we could have two solid TEs for the future.

Had commentary for next picks but pressed backspace on accident and lost it. Too lazy to re-type...

Round 4 (comp): Jerick McKinnon, ATH, 5'9" 209

Round 5: Cody Latimer, WR, 6'2" 215 (Reminds me of Roddy White as he is physical and has speed)

Round 6: J.C. Copeland, FB, 5'11" 271

Round 7: Calvin Barnett, DT, 6'2" 300

Round 7 (comp): Denicos Allen, OLB, 5'11" 218

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