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Nfl Am "super Falcons" Segment?

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I was watching when they did the 15 sec mention of signing Hester and on the char gen scroll on the side it showed an upcoming segment with that title. I never saw it. Now I admit I may have just missed it, because I don't really pay attention to most of that show… I'm pretty sure they just took it off though. Did anyone else see it?

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They had a segment where they discussed whether the Falcons had done enough this offseason already to be a contender between Eric and the other guy who I didnt recognize and they both said no not yet mentioning that we "lost" DeCoud as a big whole currently yada yada yada.... Eric said we were currently the third best team in the division. It was clear they didn't but anytime or real thought into the segment due to some of their comments that were just inaccurate but not a big deal really

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