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Rest In Peace Google Bot

Billy Ocean

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Got to get into it so I can one day get face time with some executives that are outside of IT.

It's essential for my line of work.

I can possibly say it got my foot in the door for a life changing job I acquired last winter ..

( take some lessons before u go out with the big boys. )

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I do. Just because I'm a Mormon doesn't mean I can't point out obvious dbags on the internet. You're an obvious dbag. My belief that Joseph Smith spoke to God doesn't override the fact that you're a dbag. I will continue to have faith in the LDS church, and you will continue to be a massive dbag.

Obviously you can point out the obvious. I mean, pffft. Isn't it obvious that Joey smith had conversations with god while he slept 3 women at a time in his bed. Joey was slinging the Peennie all over the place. And god command thee to go forth and sling the Peennie Joey. It's fitting that lds is so close to LSD.

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