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Rest In Peace Google Bot

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Andrews came over to the other board and told us. What happened? I never saw him post anything that crazy the few times I came back to visit.

Details are sketchy but most likely someone got their panties in a twist and ran cried like a ***** with skin knee to a mod and boom bot is gone.

Most likely someone who said something nearly as offensive to him as he did to them.

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Google Bot asked me to pass along the following.

To the esteemed members of ABF (and Monarch):

As you are all now no doubt aware, I have been unceremoniously discarded from the Atlanta Falcons Message Board. Not unlike communist governments of times gone by, I was quietly silenced without any prior warning or notification to those closest to me. My crime? I do not know. The length of my punishment? I do not know. Perhaps it is time for me to move along now. I can not stand idly by as poster's rights are trampled on by the Old Guard, and the Good Old Boy politics that have run this site for a decade go unchecked. Ask yourselves this, of all the posts that have broken the AFMB COC over the past several weeks, why was I singled out? Once you are able to answer that question, you will see the real truth. Additionally, I do want to mention that while I am aware that Snake reported me, and ultimately was the cause of my demise, I hold no ill will towards him. I hope that one day he seeks the help he so desperately needs. Lastly, I leave you with this thought: **** the police. I'm out.

With warm regards in my pants,

Google Bot

P.S. Anyone who wishes to post at a message board that isn't run by Nazi's and self-hating fatties should sign up at falconsunderground.com

P.S.S. It is run by a piece of **** though.

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