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All These Signings Mean Something To Me

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I'm all for competition. Name two free agent wide receivers this year that could compete with Julio and Roddy. Either of them would have gotten a huge contract if they were available because either of them would be way better than Decker, Cooper, and company. Silliness to suggest that there's no competition for their jobs when they win the competition hands down every year.

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on paper it seems all the signings have not point in direction or scheme and I agree with that, BUT what I think is for the first time in the smitty era we are finally going to have a what I have been wanting for at least 2 yrs true OPEN COMPETITION. As of now the only players im sure are safe are matt ryan, Julio jones, Roddy white, Bosher, and bryant.

I see competition everywhere this yr and not just lip service from smitty. I cant wait for mini camps training camp and pre season. we have two new coaches on both lines, so yes we brought back babs, peters, and peria. Im willing to bet we bring in some dts in the draft and at least one or two of those re signings are gone. Same with LB and a CB hence the arenas signing. we all know the o line will bring fierce competition. Im willing to bet we draft a safety and bring in a vet, same with TE since Tony G is gone. As a former athlete I believe true competition breeds winners, so may the best player win, Bc I do believe the FO and coaches know what direction we are going and I believe they want the best 53 men coming along for the ride this yr so let the fun begin its time to get tougher and meaner.

Dont be so sure Bryant is safe. He should be, but has a cap hit of 3m i think. We brought in competition last year and the rookie did well.

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