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***Please use this topic for rules and discussion, a registration topic is open separately. We will also use this thread, to post players on the trade block and just discuss about the picks. Hopefully this will get pinned once IMD is over. There will be a separate thread for picks only and one for trades.***

Helpful Links

Rules: http://boards.atlant...dfa-draft-game/

Registration: http://boards.atlant...e-registration/

Draft: http://boards.atlant...ut-draft-picks/

Trade: http://boards.atlant...a-trade-thread/

General Rules

Please use this topic for rules and discussion, a registration topic will be open separately. We will also use this thread, to post players on the trade block and just discuss about the picks. Hopefully this will get pinned once IMD is over. There will be a separate thread for picks only and one for trades.

The draft will begin April 3rd at 1PM EST and each pick will have 3 hours on the clock to make their selection. Alternatively if you will not be on that day, and you know your pick is coming up, send me a top 5 of your players and I will pick for you. IRL roster moves will only be recorded until April 30.

IMD GM's will have the first 24 hours of registration to keep their current team if they so choose, so if you are a new player, please keep this in mind. Each registrant can pick from any of the available teams to GM. The Falcons GM will be picked in a raffle with a random number generator, the sunday after registration starts, so make sure to state your intent to manage the Falcons by picking a random number between 1 and 99 when you apply.

There will be a team page thread and you will need to set up your roster and draft picks in that thread similar to the IMD game. IF you do not have a team page by the time the draft starts, your application to play will be considered invalid and I will actively attempt to find a new manager. The decision is final. I just want everyone to be active so everyone has a good game experience. This thread will be open in the next few days.

There will be no free agency, unless there is an overwhelming request to have it post draft, as salary cap situations and lists of players will just make things more complicated. Most of the good players are or will be signed by April 1st anyway. You are however, free to trade for any player.

If the IMD Draft is not over, the beginning of the draft will get postponed by 24 hours for each day the IMD is still going.

The draft will pause between 12AM Eastern to 6AM. Picks can be made in this time, but the team next on the clock will have the full 3 hours to pick starting at 6AM.

To save some confusion time will be rounded out to the next 15th minute on the hour of the clock(0, 15, 30, 45) for the next person picking.

Every FA move your team has done in RL will count towards your game roster, all the way up to the first pick in the draft. At that point all moves in the game will be up to you.

This game will include Comp picks, that will be announced at the owners meeting, sometime around the 24th-26th. The game will not start until these picks are established. As with RL rules, comp picks are untradable.

Any players picked up by your team in RL before the draft starts in Free Agency, you can also add to your roster. You can also trade for any player on the other teams using your own players or draft picks. If one of your players gets cut in RL, which I dont think will happen anymore, hopefully, you will need to cut him also ONLY if he gets picked up before the draft.


Draft pick trades are allowed.

Trading players for Draft Picks is allowed and will be validated by the committee to ensure the fairness of the deal for all participants.

For draft pick only trades please use http://walterfootbal.../draftchart.php .Your Picks need to be within 50 points value on both sides for the first 3 rounds, and 25 points for the rest of the draft. If your trade matches this you can make it at any time without approval, but both parties need to message me the deal in order for it to be valid. If the deal does not match the points chart, I will have to cancel it and the original team will have to make that pick. If your intended trade does not match the points chart, please have it validated by the trade committee with reasons on why one of you is willing to get the short end of the stick.

You can trade your pick while on the clock, but please try to set up some parameters in advance with your trading partner and respect the points rule. If both of you are not online the moment you go on the clock it will probably not happen.

You are not allowed to use any futures picks from 2015, 2016, etc.

You are allowed to trade players from the moment you get hold of your team. Player trades, as well as trades including draft picks and players will need approval by a committee. The committee is formed by Robb4242, Falconsfan567tm, jfalconsp.

Any players available for trade, as well as your willingness to move up or down in the draft can be announced in this thread.

Please no phantom trades where you decide you want to trade back with team Y and decided to post the trade without them being a part of the deal or even knowing about it. A trade will not be valid unless both parties message me for draft picks only, or the committee for any other trades. I'd like to not involve a committee for draft only trades, but if necessary we will.

Courtesy rules

Please notify the person picking after you that they are on the clock by sending them a message.

Please post the time frame they are on the clock in the post you made your pick in.

(Example: With pick 15 in the 1st round, Team X picks player John Doe. Team Y is OTC until 7:00PM)

When trading a pick please specify either the round + the pick, or the round and exact pick number in the draft. Ideally both will be included and the team dealing away the earliest pick will post the trade.

(Example: Colts trading Pick x in round x for 49ers picks y in round x and pick z in round x)

Please establish what your picks are on http://www.nfl.com/d...tabs:dt-by-team and double check once the comp picks get released.

Lets all have fun! Feel free to ask any questions.

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I want to try for the falcons but i dont wanna run the saints draft again. I would like the rams if they are open however.

jfalconsp just reclaimed them, but theres bound to be several other teams available so you dont have to play the saints. put in a number for the falcons raffle.

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I have been a long-time lurker on these boards but recently signed up. I have always loved the IMD Draft/Offseason and liked to see the poster's summary on what they did and why they did it, especially when you know it is not their main team and see how they view that team. I feel pretty good about and would like to try it out.

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Do we have a date yet for the real life roster cut off?

current idea is for the first pick in the draft to be the cutoff, you guys can still do trades before that if you want to. Figured since there is no Free Agency we can get as many moves in as we can. Open to other suggestions or even a few days before if you guys want.

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Ok guys small update. I am moving next weekend and I should have everything set by the first, but just in case, I'm postponing the start of the game for thursday the 3rd. Also, rosters will be locked on the 30th at midnight, so starting monday 31st, 6 AM, you guys will have 3 days time to make your own moves and not worry about anything that happens in RL.

I will also pick the Falcons manager shortly.

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