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My Take On The Eventual Top Of This Draft

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1. Houston: Jadaveon Clowney. Schaub remains a legitimate starting QB. O'Brien knows this, but will likely want to lock this position down. The smartest thing for them to do is to bring Mallett in via a trade. The competition between the two will likely be a QB that is better than any available in this draft.

Clowney is a unique talent and would make a great bookend pass rusher across from Watts. Worries about JC's motivation are exaggerated and would be mitigated by the presence of Watts. This defense is getting scary.

2. Cleveland: Blake Bortles. The Browns need a solid QB to build upon. The winds in Cleveland demand a strong-armed guy that can actually think. Bortles qualifies and is probably the only QB in this draft that comes close. Bortles has been compared to Rothelisberger (sp) for good reason. Cleveland gets their guy and St. Louis adds yet another draft pick in this deep draft.

3. Jacksonville: Terry Bridgewater. Jacksonville could use a pass rusher and probably would have jumped at the chance to draft Clowney. However, Henne is not the answer. The Jags are devoted to building the franchise slowly, so they make the smart investment by drafting their future franchise QB. Bridgewater is very smart, mature and is a natural leader. The Jags will let him hold a clipboard for a while and get truly comfortable with the offense.

4. Saint Louis: Jake Matthews. The Rams gain a second round pick in this draft and get the player they need most. Bradford is a good QB, but he needs protection now. For that reason, the Rams draft the most NFL ready LT in the draft. Matthews already has a professional attitude and work habit. He will step into the LT role immediately and Jake Long will move to his natural RT position. Bradford finally gets some breathing room to work.

5. Oakland: Sammy Watkins. I think that the Raiders will be looking for a trade partner, but will not find the compensation that they will be seeking. The QB position is in flux, but I think that they will give Pryor more time to develop. I expect the Raiders to work a trade for either Vick or Schaub. Either guy will give the team a competitive chance while allowing Pryor the time to grow into the role.

Watkins is a phenomenal talent and a very reliable receiver. His mature attitude will stabilize a locker room and provide his QB with peace of mind. The Raiders need a LT, but will make due with a free agent addition, as well as a second round pick.

6. Atlanta: Greg Robinson. Faced with the choice between Mack and Robinson, the Falcons should draft the guy that can better protect their franchise QB. The Falcons have lost too many games in the past three seasons because they could not hold onto leads. Frequent three-and-outs doomed the Falcons to early play-off exits. A player like Robinson pretty much ensures a solid run offense and provides reliable insurance for the eventual Baker injury.

Passing on Mack will sting a bit, but is the wisest decision. An outside pass rusher is a need and still may be addressed in late free agency or later in the draft.

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I also like how protecting the QB is the reasoning when its actually Greg Robinsons weakness right now lol.

Weakness is a relative term. In the case of Robinson, he would start at RT and eventually move to LT. With Robinson's obvious talent and work ethic, it is only a matter of time that he becomes very good at pass protection. But, like I mentioned, his lack of experience in pass protection will make Matthews more attractive to the Rams.

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