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Mock Draft 1.0....

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Assumptions: We have concluded with free agent signing, Clowney is gone, and Mack and at least Matthews or Robinson are still left on the board.

Round 1: Khalil Mack OLB (Buffalo)- We are transitioning to a base 3-4, Biermann can legitimately man one spot at OLB, but we still need another. Plus we need a threat at pass rusher as well. Mack can rush the passer and is also good at man coverage.

Round 2: Demarcus Lawrence OLB (Boise ST)- Just having one threat as a pass rusher isn't enough. Remember the days when we only had Abraham, everyone was screaming to provide him help on the other side. Well, doubling up on the outside rush early would solidify that for years to come. Plus, Lawrence can also develop into a decent coverage guy, he has the ability and athleticism.

Round 3: Ed Reynolds S (Stanford)- We cut Decoud, and they really really like Motta. They consider him a starter, but we still need depth as well as a legitimate starter because of how Nolan uses his safeties. Reynolds matches our teams mole of a player they target, smart, heady, highly motivated player. High character and he reads his keys the best out of all the safeties coming out this year. He's always in position to make a play.

Round 4: Joe Don Duncan TE (Dixie ST)- Small school guy with a lot of above average first round physical talents. He has a high ceiling, but because of his experience level could be a bit of a developmental project. His physical attributes are off the charts, we have the staff to get him ready. Well worth the pick here.

Round 5: Tyler Gaffney RB (Stanford)- Big running back who can catch and provide depth also at full back. He ran a 4.49 40, but admittedly he doesn't appear to play that fast. He does have the power we are looking for especially since Snelling retired and Jackson is will be turning 31. We need the depth at both FB and RB.

Round 5 (compensatory): Michael Scofield OT/OG (Michigan)- Great feet, that's the top thing I like about him. Outstanding feet, with them bringing in Asamoah, Baker making starter LT money, there thoughts about Holmes and them resigning Johnson to a 1 year deal to prove himself I don't see LT or RT being high on there list as far as the draft goes. We do need depth at RG and a swing tackle just in case Johnson can't make it through the season again. Scofield can provide that.

Round 6: Aaron Colvin CB (Oklahoma)- If he is still here! This guy is a legitimate 1st round talent, but is expected to slide dramatically coming off a torn ACL. A torn ACL is no longer a career ending injury, with him Trufant, Alford, and McClain we would have a strong deep secondary.

Round 7: Zac Kerr DT (Delaware)- Another underrated prospect, with our strong push towards a 3-4, we need the bigger bodies in the middle. Jackson, Soliai, and even Robertson could play nose. With Kerr it would give us a greater ability to rotate that line up, plus like Jackson and Robertson, Kerr could also play DE in our 3-4.

Round 7 (compensatory): Jacob Pederson TE- We didn't bring back Chase Coffman and Tony retired. Pederson is also a underrated prospect as well. He is probably one of the most versatile TEs coming out this year. He can play H-back, FB, slot, and is strong inline. Would be a great pickup for us this late and like most prospect past round 4, he can contribute on special teams.

Round 7 (compensatory): Josh Stewart WR- Quick twitch wide out. Adds depth to receiving core and kick/punt return. Can also contribute at gunner.

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I think you could move every one of your picks one slot down and still get them in those rounds and pick a OT in the second.

Depends on what rankings you use and personal preference I guess. I use scouts inc and nfl.com, specifically nfl.com because I really value Mayock's opinion. Both have Lawrence as a high second, Reynolds as a late 3rd (that I agree could be a reach). I'm just particularly high on Joe Duncan but NFL.com also has him as a mid round pick. He could go 4 he could go 6 depends on the team. Don't understand the theory on Gaffney, to me he is a legitimate 5 for sure and so is Scofield, Scofield could go earlier than 5 no problem. And Colvin, come on really... same time last year he would have been the first corner taking he has an ACL injury, that's it. Kerr and Pederson could also go earlier than 7 no problem.

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I think you could move every one of your picks one slot down and still get them in those rounds and pick a OT in the second.

Also, I think they like Holmes at RT. They have stated on numerous occasions that, if he is consistently given a position, basically he is not a swing guy, Holmes could start at that position. Baker is making to much money to not see the field, they brought in Asamoah, resigned both Haley and Johnson. We need depth for sure, we need a swing tackle, a legitimate one, yeah... I just don't see a team practically keeping everyone only to spend a high second on another tackle, if they were planning on going that route, they wouldn't have kept Johnson at all.

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I'd like us to take an OT before then ideally. I could live with Reynolds and I like Colvin and Kerr, but not massively big on the rest of it, I'm afraid.

They project Holmes as a starter, to me we need a swing guy, and considering that we need a RT, I don't believe in drafting a RT early. To me finding a starting RT is like finding a starting RB, you can get both anywhere between 3 and 5 really, spending a first or second round pick for a RT isn't a must do in my opinion, that's a position we can wait and get the value needed mid to late in the draft.
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