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Mock Draft

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Round 1 - OT Jake Matthews - Typical TD pick, a team leader, a senior, and bloodlines.

Round 2 - FS Calvin Pryor - A lot of teams addressed safety through free agency so perhaps he falls a little. Could TD trade into the first to ensure he gets him?

Round 3 - OLB Marcus Smith - Appears were interested in him. Undersized rush linebacker.

Round 4 - ILB Shane Skov - Run stuffing presence.

Round 5 - DT Justin Ellis - Our back up NT.

Round 5 (comp) - DE/DT Brent Urban - Depth, he can play DE in a 3-4 or DT in a 4-3.

Round 6 - FB JC Copeland - Power running game.

Round 7 - WR L'Damian Washington - Big bodied WR who can make plays on the outside.

Round 7 (comp) - RB Marion Grice - Reliable pass catcher out of the back field.

Round 7 - (comp) - TE Jake Murphy - Competition for Toilolo.

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Man, I like a lot. But two things stick out--and I hope I'm wrong. One Pryor prolly won't get out of first round. Two, smith is rising up the boards too.

That said, if draft did fall this way I'd be stoked. Positionally, you're spot on

Yup. Pryor will be a top 25 pick.

And smith will be a 2nd rounder

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