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Devin Hester Visiting Falcons

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you gotta remember this could be a cb signing and not a return man signing. We are pretty thin at cb

I was thinking of this too, but it wouldn't hurt to have him also be our 2nd KR/PR option.

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Maybe guys who've shown they can't play in the past will get better this year.

Maybe a weak center position and a weak RT position will get better.

The problem is, this is exactly what was said last year. This was a primary reason we went 4-12 instead of 10-6. It's fixable for 4M dollars. Wouldn't you do that just for insurance?

A bad OL can take this from a ten win team to a 4 win team. It's not worth the risk. Very simply. This team goes as the pass offense goes (until we can get a great D and that takes more than a year). And the passing offense can really only be completely restricted by OL play. So, that's the lynchpin. I'd do something about it.

Those were second year players. High picks. You gotta believe in yourself. I didnt do as good at my job in my second year compared to now. Players learn, grow , and improve.

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