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What Do Yall Want To Focus On More Running The Ball Or Throwing For Over 300 Yards A Game?

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How about both? I'm down with averaging 400+ yards/game total offense (300 passing, 100 rushing). heh

Seriously, even with a horrendous line, Ryan was throwing well and was over 4,000 yards through the air. So, we need to make sure we can run enough to balance the offense and keep the defense from loading up and getting six and seven sacks/game.

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First off naming 2 guys who are draft picks to fix the run game is off.The improvement will come across the board as a unit and how all 5 guys gel.

Secondly with Julio & Roddy still there I personally think we'll still be a pass heavy team,stupid not to as they are our 2 best offensive weapons.

Balance I'll go 57/43 pass run.

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Exactly. I think since Robinson is so well known for his run blocking people assume Matthews can't which would be totally wrong. Robinson is a BREAST run blocking and Matthews is a very good run blocker. But by most accounts Matthews is the better pass blocker. And that does not mean that Robinson is a bad pass blocker at all. He's still very good.

I haven't played madden in years but I think it fits the discussion.

Its like matthews is an 85 pass blocker and an 80 run blocker.

Robinson is a 95 run blocker and a 70 pass blocker.

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