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After Fa Mock Draft


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We all know who has been cut and/or re-signed so im going to start this one with Free Agency

Soliai - The massive NT we have so badly needed

Tyson Jackson - A big 3-4 DE that is very good against the run.

Asamoah - a huge upgrade at RG

Jacoby Ford - instant upgrade at KR/PR and could be a nice 4th or 5th WR

Usama Young - FS - Above average in coverage and tackling but not well known so should come cheap.

And Now for the Draft

1, Khalil mack - OLB/DE - The playmaker our D so badly needs. With the b ig guys we have now on our line, Mack would be free to wreak havoc.

2, Morgan Moses - OT - Although im still not sure if we will be drafting an OT or rolling with Holmes, if we do go OT this would be a nice choice.

3, Lache Seastrunk - RB - one more weapon for Matty Ice and the offense

4, Chris Davis - CB - An all around good corner to compete with McClain for the nickel

5, Justin Ellis - DT - Another big guy to plug into the middle of the line in the 3-4 or 4-3

6, JC Copeland - FB - The best FB in the draft. Instantly improves our run and pass protection

7, Kevin Norwood - WR - A great possession wr

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Not bad, I like.

Get our young stud on defense, Mack, who would fit right in with what the defense is wanting to do. I haven't watched much of Moses but he sounds like a solid player. I like Seastrunk a lot, Baylor is my 2nd NCAA team as my Dad is a Baylor grad. The only thing that concerns me about Seastrunk, which isn't that big of a concern, is if he's going to turn out to be a "system" player or not. The only reason I say that is because Baylor's #2 RB Glasco Martin and freshman RB Shock Linwood also had great success running behind the Baylor OL. No doubt that Seastrunk is a great player, has lightning speed, and can shake tacklers as good as anyone. Love the Davis, Ellis, and Copeland picks.

I'd be fine with Moses from what I've heard but I also wouldn't mind Tuitt in the 2nd instead and then OT James Hurst from UNC later.

I want Mack a ton, but if he's gone by #6 and Robinson is there then I'd be fine with Robinson. If that's the case then I'd really want to snag Marcus Smith from Louisville a few rounds later to play OLB since weren't able to grab Mack.

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