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Best Case Scenario For Rounds 1 And 2?

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Scenario 6:

Rd 1, pick #6: Khalil Mack, Buffalo

Rd 2, pick #37: Ryan Shazier, OSU

Currently our best LB, SPOOOOOON!!!, can't be trusted to play a full 16 game season. Shazier has the athleticism and playmaking ability to excel at all three LB positions in a 4-3 and as an OLB in a 3-4 and even at WILB. He is a tweener in terms of size, but he is actually heavier than Keuchley (who weighs 235 lbs., Bartu weighs 230 lbs.), just 2" shorter. But, Shazier has longer arms, something that will help him, in time, at shedding blockers and rushing off the edge. (He originally played DE for OSU before moving to OLB.) He can line up all over the field and is one of the top five most explosive athletes in the draft. (Runs a 4.4 forty and has a 42" vert.) He also has the ability to line up over a TE and blanket him in coverage. He is one of the most versatile playmakers in the draft. His lack of ideal height will cause him to fall lower than his talent warrants. (The big bodies we added up front makes this less of a concern for me. We have the space eaters to provide him clear lanes to the backfield where he will absolutely wreak havoc in the run and pass game.)

Some teams will see him solely as a WLB in a 4-3 where he can fly around and make plays like Lavonte David. Others will view him solely as an edge rusher in a 3-4 front. I say we get him and let him do both. I'd love to see him at WLB in our 4-3 looks with Spoon (and Worrilow due to likely injuries) at MLB, Bartu at SLB with Mack (RDE) & Mass (LDE) coming off the edges and Jackson rushing from DT, scary! Then in the 3-4 we could play him at WILB next to Spoon at SILB, Mack at WOLB and Bartu at SOLB. There are so many possibilities with that combo of players in our front seven; it would be very hard pre snap to read our D. Mack, Shazier, and Bartu can line up at any backer position and all are plus pass rushers, having played DE in college. These two picks would turn three weaknesses (our LB core, lack of pass rush, and inability to cover TEs) into two of the stronger points on our entire team. Plus factor in that even if Spoon has a career year and starts every game, we might lose him in FA. If he falls to us at the top of the second he will easily be the BPA, making him a no brainer in my book.

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That would be a nice scenario, but I don't think Hageman is available in the second round nor Attaochu in the third. Tuitt may be available in the second though.

Don't break my heart...my achy breaky heart! The OP DID say "BEST" case scenario. I believe/fear the same things you do! I like Tuitt as a 3-4 DE.

I am hoping for Hageman:

1. There are mixed opinions on Hageman (is he a DT or DE, does he play hard)

2. One hope down... I was deathly afraid the former WR would run a 4.8 at the combine...he did not because he has been worried about keeping his weight high enough to be considered a quick tackle, not a slow DE). I think he naturally is in the 290's at which he could probably run closer to 4.8

For Attouchu:

1. Falcons got to meet with him and even coach him for a day during the Senior Bowl

2. Him not working out at the Combine drops his stock a little

3. Working on Rehab keeps him from focusing on his running form which drops his 40 time a little

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