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Mack And Barr?!

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If we were to get another O-Lineman in FA would it be so far fetched to get K. Mack with the 6th and trade back into the bottom of the 1st for Barr if he falls between 20-25?

These two guys off the edge would be brutal. And having Barr to pass rush and Mack to do everything would give us a very stiff front 7 and depth against injury.

If I were to do a mock, it would probably start off like:


Garrett Graham TE

Zach Strief OL

Champ Bailey CB/S

1st - Khalil Mack

2nd - Anthony Barr (Falcons trade 2nd & 4th to Cleveland for the 26th pick)

3rd - Deone Buchannon

4th (Comp) - McCullers/Cyrus Kouandjio

5th - Mike Davis/Dri Archer

6th - J C Copeland

Covers several of the holes we have and gives us some REAL punch on defense. We are set with a young, fast and talented D for years. FA pickups solidfy our O-Line depth and gives us a starting caliber TE.

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thats just 1 mock which also has the Ravens taking a wr which will be unlikely when they seem to be on verge of signing Steve Smith..Barr wont make it past 16

Another thread, another post with you making your opinion sound as if it is fact. You don't know. This is just one possible scenario. That's what mocks do, present a possible scenario. You may not think it possible, but you can't present anything other than opinion as evidence.

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I'm just offering my opinion cause the context of this thread is make believe hope . You hoping that. Barr drops to 20 and then get a sweetheart deal for just a 2nd and 4th . Outside that I don't see how Barr and Mack fit on same team . Barr in my opinion is a 3-4 rush OLB and that is where if we plan to draft Mack is where he will have his impact .

Let Barr rush the QB and Mack play opposite and do everything. A 3-4 has 4 LBs. Barr, Mack Worrilow and Bartu are a young absolutely SICK combination.

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