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Early in the off season process I started scouting out edge rushers. I think the first tape I saw of him was the Virginia game where he was handled pretty well by morgan moses and company. After that I kinda closed my mind to making a clear evaluation on him.

So i went back and reviewed his tape and this is my take.

Strengths- Attaucho has a great first step to go along with above average quickness for a guy his size. He also does a great job of contorting his body to beat guards on inside stunts and shows a nice bend coming off the edge. He also is a sound tackler and has above average awareness when it comes to sniffing out screens.

Weaknesses- While attaochu excells in quickness he somewhat underwhelmes at the point of attack. He sometimes can get too aggressive and be road out the play completely. He also struggles to disengage from blocks in the run game. It's seems that he has the strength to hold his own in the run game but doesn't show as much effort.

Projection- @ 6'3 252 Attaucho looks to be a bit of a tweener at the next level. If he can (and should) add 10 pounds or so to his frame while maintaining his athleticism he definitely can blossom into a solid edge rusher possibly reaching an all pro level

Draft projection: 2nd to 3rd round

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