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How Y'all Doing At Season Ticket Reassignments?

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Guest fibonacci

I have to wait until tomorrow. but I am at 321 row 5 already. and like my seats. if I can go up 2 my rows or between the isle of 321/322 then I will. but it won't make much of a difference.

can you check and see if something is there for me? and see how much the 200 section is going for on the 50. :D I would love to go there but from my memory they wanted wayyyyyyy to much for that.

they should know Mashburn deserves it and Mashburn has bills to pay. :P

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already had 1st row for 2 of my tickets (4 total) the other 2 were 5th row same section moved them down to row 3, there were a fair amount of 1st row seats but none had 4 seats together so stayed in same section (same fans for a long time ) so you get to know the folks around you so moving gets to be less of a priority.

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