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I Hope We Bring In 1 More O-Line Player In F.a.

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"lifted" from jFalconsp post on FA updates


Anthony Collins, OT

Zach Strief, OT

Eric Winston, OT

Michael Oher, OT


Trevelle Wharton, OG

Willie Colon, OG

Davin Joseph, OG

Richie Incognito, OG


Brian De La Puente, OC

Evan Dietrich-Smith, OC

Jonathan Goodwin, OC

Kyle Cook, OC

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They will, I think one more free agent and a high draft pick 1st or 2nd. That along with the likely hood that the rest of the OL will improve from experience, a new coach (Tice) and being healthy. **** they can't be as bad as they were last year can they? If Robinson or Matthews makes to the 6th pick thats who they will probably draft. Have grown to like the thought of Mack or Clowney but they need to continue to shore up the OL and the draft seems much deeper on DL.

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Guest F_A_1_C_O_N

and what if they're both gone or all 3 of the top OTs?

Think they'll grab a swing tackle in FA- someone like a Svitek, who can man either tackle spot in a pinch. H#ll, may even be Svitek.

love to have sivitek back.

And who would take both tackles.

- raiders maybe.

-rams will not

-Texans won't

- jaguars won't

-browns won't

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We won't be getting a center. We're going with Hawley and Konz. I could see us picking up another tackle unless we think the OLB/DE prospects we like are gone at 6, in which case we'd simply draft a tackle.

The problem is we have big needs for a pass rusher and another tackle, not to mention safety. So we have to fill one of those holes in FA and hope we have a good option to fill another at 6. I'd wager we take a safety in the 2nd or 3rd if we don't sign one, and it looks like we aren't signing one.

Ideally for me, we'd pick up someone like Strief and draft Mack at 6, but we simply don't know if Mack is going to fall to 6.

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Not having the equivalent standard orange road cone at RG improves our overall line stability. Get Lamars candyass into a tread mill and into the weight room gives him a shot at swing tackle. Get Baker's crystalline physique up to at least wood status and LT is decent for a season. Have Shraeder, Johnson and a rookie fight for the RT slot. Feed all of them raw meat and poke them mercilessly with sharp sticks. Get them in a state of controlled fury. Make sure Hawley studies the **** out of our schemes. Inject it subliminally into his dreams, whatever is needed. And Make sure Konzie visits a shrink to find his inner Viking Berzerker, and make sure he lives on liver smoothies and pure iron battleship chain.

Admiral Tice needs guide.them out of the minefield and into smooth seas. They must establish a mechanism where one become five. Bring in Shaolin monks, Sufi shaman, freaking Voodoo Hoagan whatever it takes. Make it happen. Bring the age of Ragnarok to the NFL. We must be like the raging black scourge of pestilence raging across the land. Fear should be the first thing other teams feel when.they know they are about to do battle with us, dome or tundra, no matter. sting us.

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With Collins off the board Brian De La Puente would be the only one worth considering. We resigned Hawley so I think that is out the window. We will have to draft one in round 1 or 2. Hopefully we get Mack at #6. I could see TD trading up into the first round to snag tackle. Even staying put we should get a decent one.

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