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What About Steve Smith?

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I'd probably be okay with it for the right price. Obviously he was a super-star and would almost certainly consider taking less money to get his first ring (which might influence his legacy and Hall of Fame credentials). And he SEEMS to have matured in his old age, after previously having punched a teammate in the face. Twice (two different teammates)...once even going to jail for it. So, combine that with his age and declining physical ability, and I'm a teeny bit hesitant to bring that guy into the locker room. But, he seems to be more under control these days and he's got some juice left in the tank. So, I'd probably like to have him. You'd have to wonder if he'd want to come, though...when we've already got 3 thousand yard receivers on the team. He seems willing to play in the slot (which you'd have to assume is where he'd play...I don't think I'd start him on the outside over Julio or Roddy). He's better than Harry Douglas, but he's also a little bit older than Harry Douglas, too. I just don't know how much value he brings to the table and how much of a discount he'd be willing to take. We've got about $10 million in cap space and we need a starting safety, a starting tight end, and an offensive tackle for sure (and a little more depth at LB, OL, and NG). So, I don't really see how this would be a great idea, but maybe...

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There is a part of me that thinks having another starting caliber WR on the roster would be awesome. But only if used correctly. Can you disguise some packages where you are shifting Roddy and Smith in and out of the slot? What havoc can bunch formations with these guys cause?

But then again, its Steve Smith, one of the Falcon's mortal enemies. So, I will need to pass.

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Apparently the guy is a locker room cancer according to this article.


I have an immediate family member that had a business dealing with Smith and he described him as "a psychopath who could catch a football". I already knew that given the fact that he sucker punched two teammates, but it was interesting to find out that even off the field the guy is a foaming at the mouth lunatic. No way, no how do I want that guy in a Falcons uniform-even if it meant showing Bumbles Douglas the door.

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