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My First Mock Draft 2014


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Projected compensatory picks are 5th round (Grimes), 7th round (Svitek), 7th round (Owens), 7th round (McCown).

Round 1 (6) - Jake Matthews OT (I think Robinson will be gone by 6)

Round 2 (37) - Jace Amaro TE (Dimitroff seems to go for starting positions of need early on, and not a lot of value at FS at this draft position with Pryor and Clinton-Dix gone). He is a starting caliber TE.

Round 3 (68) - Terrence Brooks FS (Very quick and rangy player, but not great hands.)

Round 4 (101) - Daniel McCullers NT (Enormous 3-4 NT to add depth behind Soliai.)

Round 5 (141) - J.C. Copeland FB (Big mauler at a need position, fills a hole in the 5th)

Round 5 Comp (169) - Bennett Jackson CB (Great ST's and KR/PR. Added depth.)

Round 6 (180) - Isaiah Crowell RB (With Snelling leaving, Quizz getting backup duty, and Jackson being fragile, I have to think we try to get a late round RB added.)

Round 7 (218) - Kadeem Edwards OG (Want another OG to compete for depth)

Round 7 (254) - Tre Boston FS (Decent hands, plays ST's, physical, just slow to react. We need added competition and/or ST's)

Round 7 (255) - Trey Burton WR (Versatile player with decent measurables.)

Round 7 (259) - Ben Gardner DE (Disruptive player, dropped due to a pectoral injury. Captain of his team and a lot of upside if he recovers from the injury back in October.)

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I know, I don't have any LBers and no DE's until very late, which I'm sure many will hammer me on. When I look at our roster, I don't think we need them. We have so many players that can roam between DE and LB based on 4-3 vs 3-4 alignment, and I can't see us adding many more. Babs, Peters, Jackson, and Robertson are all 3-4 DE's, not NT's. Then you look at Biermann, Osi, Mass, Maponga, Goodman, and Matthews as 4-3 DE's or 3-4 LB's. Add in Spoon, Bartu, Worrilow, and Dent. We have 15 players right now for DL and LB (including Soliai at NT). Unless we take one in rounds 1-3, I doubt they could beat out any of the guys we already have. And I think OT/TE/FS are much bigger needs than DE or LB at this point. I didn't plan it this way, it just ended up rolling like this.

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