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Radical Thought.....sign Bailey And Dunta To Be Safeties, Move Willy Mo To Linebacker

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Yeah, I know, I know.......would never happen........but I question is more about whether each player could do it.

Could Bailey and Robinson play safety effectively and would Willy Mo be more effective as an outside linebacker? Willy Mo big enough to set edge as a 3-4 linebacker? (maybe not).

But would he be effective as a 4-3 linebacker and nickel backer in nickel set?

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Now, I said "radical"....and even said that I know it would never happen.

My question wasn't really about either the Falcons would actually do it......it was whether Bailey or Robinson could actually convert to safety and if Willy Mo could actually convert to linebacker.

I'm not advocating any switch......and I'm not a big fan of signing either Bailey or Robinson and asking them to play a new position.

Had either played safety last year and done it fairly well, then maybe.

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I don't understand how people have started to think that CB and Safety are even remotely similar positions..

It's not so much that they're similar positions, just that they require similar skill sets. Just off the top of my head, Malcolm Jenkins, Tyrann Matheiu, and Charles Woodson all switched to safety from cornerback. Lamarcus Joyner, Terrence Brooks, Tre Boston, and Antone Exum all played both positions as well.

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