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Saints Staying Ahead Of The Salary Cap....


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I see a bunch of butthurt tonight about how the Saints only had 2 million in cap space and signed Jarius Byrd to a 56 million dollar deal. Here's how it can be done:

With the salary cap jumping 10 million from 2013 and significant rises forecast for the next few years the Saints are getting out in front of this. The 2015 cap should be about 143 million, about 10 million more than 2014. (This is because the league has a new 800 million $ contract for Thursday night games.) In the latest CBA each team must spend 89% of the cap or they pay that amount as a penalty. In 2 or 3 years teams are going to be having a 160 million dollar salary cap and have to give huge contracts to marginal players.

The Saints see this happening and are stocking up on the best players available instead of waiting to sign someone because they need to spend the money. Also keep in mind that with the new rookie wage scale (which will be in place for the next 6 years) draft picks gets peanuts for the first few years.

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