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Sammy Watkins?!

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What if Rob, Matthews, Mack and Clowney are all off the board and Watkins is there ? What do you do ? Pass on him for Barr ?

Id take Lewan or Barr if there were no trade suitors. If Watkins is there I hear the Lions are interested in him. Id give Detroit a call. If I was forced to pick I'd go Lewan or Barr. It depends on whether you like Holmes/Carimi at RT or Biermann/Mass/Etc. at OLB. Regardless those are our 2 biggest needs in my eyes.
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That is the problem with this board, everyone thinks their opinions/ideas are written in stone LOL. If for some strange reason SW was there at #6, you don't think TD would consider him LOL ?

I see what you're saying, I just don't think it's that much of a bad idea no more depending on the rest of FA & solidifying a couple pass rushers in the draft. I've actually been thinking trade down for ha ha
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I'd take Watkins at #6 or hope Det. will be as desperate as ATL in 2010 to move from 10 to #6.

Funny that some don't realize how the lines got stabilized today. Tice/BCox/new OLB coach are gonna have to coach up some

players...Hawley/Holmes/Mass/Maponga/Goodman/draftees. Falcons can get an OT later and unless Mack/Clowney is there...Watkins.

I'd take(deal) Watkins over Robinson/Matthews if all 3 were there at #6. If Watkins is BPA a #6...its still a good situation for ATL.

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No...just no. We already have the best receivers in the division. Watkins is third on our depth chart the moment he is drafted. Dayum near any other position nets a day 1 starter. .

W/O TG, 3rd on our depth chart is a starter(receiver). Who did TG block anyway? Folks are ignoring the worse case scenarios with

JJ/RW...injury prone/age.

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People keep saying "if a trade down isn't possible"

Does that even happen or is it a myth created to support someones opinion?

I can't see a scenario where NO ONE wanted to move up

So you're going to take way lesser value just to move down? You have to take into consideration that this is a very deep draft. Sammy Watkins is about the only person anybody would consider trading up that everyone on here is opposed to taking, so a team would have to view him as either the missing piece or consider themselves not to far off. If we pass on him, the Bucs are going to take him. So now who would really want to move past the Bucs for Watkins? Carolina and Baltimore are about the only two teams I could see giving up picks just to get Watkins and Carolina probably wouldn't just because they need o line help.
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