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Verner 4Yr 26.5 With Tb

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Glennon is serviceable. He had nothing but VJax last year and put up good numbers for a rookie. Lets remember that Lovie has made playoff runs with the likes of Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman.

and a couple of years ago Freeman was the next great QB. I dont buy the Glennon Hype. He will be lucky to be average
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they will have Josh McKown signed by tomorrow morning - he is already in Tampa - he's old - 35 - and a short-term solution but he had like what - six 300yd games last year?

yeah but considering he has been in the league for over a decade and his bright spot is having 6 300 yard games last year, im not to worried
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We should go hard after Demarcus Ware now to counter. Speaking of NFC South, what's going on with Panthers? So far they have basically lost Steve Smith and I haven't heard them make any moves yet.

No Steve Smith, no Ginn Jr., no LaFell... that WR corps will need a MASSIVE injection of talent.

They're also in trouble on the offensive line. Kalil and Hangartner have retired and Wharton is pondering retirement. And they already needed an upgrade at RT. So they're looking to need 3 new starters on the O-line.

I think they'll have a donw year while the Bucs and we will bounce back.

I'm not sure about the Saints. Their defense will be really good, especially if they add another pass rusher, but that offense is really starting to lose talent. How are they going to have a potent screen game without Thomas and Sproles? That's always been their bread & butter.

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